Protect, Recover, and Migrate Your Kubernetes Environments

No more manual or job-centric protection and slow, tedious restores

Unified Management

A SaaS platform for protection management, visibility, and comprehensive insights.

Policy Driven Protection

Eliminate complexity by applying single SLA for Persistent Volumes and Kubernetes Objects protection.

Fast and Flexible Recovery

Full fidelity restores to original location or to a new cluster.

Data Protection for Kubernetes

Learn how to develop a data protection strategy that can accomodate distributed and dynamic Kubernetes environments.

One Easy-to-use Interface

Protect, organize, and manage your Kubernetes environment via Polaris’s single management console. Get visual insights on SLA compliance and data availability.

Automated Protection

Streamline manual work by automating the protection of your applications and data​ with Rubik's powerful policy engine.

Instant Search and Restore


Granularly recover namespaces, persistent volumes, or specific files​. Replicate snapshots from one Rubrik cluster to another​ and archive to the Public Cloud.

Cloud Data Management for Dummies

Learn how securely deliver backup, recovery, analytics, and compliance across data centers and clouds. All through a single software platform.

Kubernetes Backup and Recovery

Protection that scales along with your application

Application Data

Backup Persistent Volumes based in the Cloud or on-premises.

Applicant Deployment

Native Kubernetes object-based backup and restore.

Enable Test/Dev

Replicate namespaces to a completely different cluster to support internal testing and development.