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  • You’ve had the same backup system in place for the last 10 years and even though you hate it, you hate innovation even more.
  • You believe the public cloud is just a fad so why would you ever want to store instantly recoverable copies of your backups there for pennies per gigabyte?
  • You look forward to your annual contract negotiations with your legacy vendors.
  • Zero time restores, granular recovery to the file level, and Google-like predictive search? Boring…
  • You enjoy busy work… checking and re-starting failed backup jobs, clicking thirty times to kick off a re-store, manually browsing snapshots for files.
  • You have an affinity for tape and can’t imagine your life without it.
  • You believe the words sexy and back-up never belong in the same sentence, unless it’s in a Justin Timberlake song.
  • You’re a big fan of complexity and have no interest in deploying a backup solution in the same amount of time it takes you to make a cup of coffee (no PS & no training necessary).
  • You find the idea of being able to dynamically set SLA’s to your VM’s across both private and public clouds absolutely terrifying.
  • You have no desire to solve your application stun problem because you think it makes your job more interesting.

And oh by the way, did I mention that Rubrik is half the cost of traditional backup?

Don’t Backup. Go Forward.

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