Rubrik is proud to announce our latest product, the all new r599 BC. r599 BC does one job and does it best: archival to papyrus.

“Backup is dead,” they said. “Even the dead need backup!” we believe.

During our beta testing, the most crucial piece of feedback we received was from Mr. Tutankhamun, C.I.O., Pharaohmatix Inc. “We deal with sensitive data, and we need encryption, not just backup,” he said.

Enter r599 BC: papyrus archival with encryption using hieroglyphs. r599 BC is the world’s first converged data management platform with state-of-art ancient encryption built right into it. What’s more, there’s no master key we can forge to break the encryption.

That means you own your data.



The customer testimonials are flying in, and they all agree: r599 BC is light-years ahead of its time.

“You guys made backup sexy again.”

“Rock solid backup!”

“Now I can backup all of Cleopatra’s selfies without worrying!”

It’s product of the century. With r599 BC, data security will never be the same again. The government can not have and will never have access to your data.