Our customers and peers in the industry always want to hear about how others are using Rubrik to provide data protection. And as much as I love our technology, it’s really all about how our converged data management solution is being leveraged by those looking to ensure that their SLA requirements are being met (or exceeded).

Recently, we wanted to bring in another pair of eyeballs to look at our customer testimonials. The tech-savvy team at ActualTech Media cropped up as a great fit to see what we’re doing, capture our use cases into a white paper, and help provide you with that lightbulb moment that is so awesome to experience when it comes to ditching backup jobs for declarative SLA policies.

I humbly invite you to read their brand new paper, hot off the press, focused entirely on addressing three of the most common challenges beleaguering administrators looking to provide data protection for today’s data center and tomorrow’s applications. In this masterpiece of wordcraft, you’ll learn:

  1. Use Case 1: Ousting Tape-Based Backups
    Learn how using cloud and object storage can reduce costs by 60%, provide incredibly more efficient recovery workflows, and offer massively boosted availability for data.
  2. Use Case 2: Simple Multi-Site Bidirectional Replication
    Although this section sounds like a late night infomercial for a set of steak knives, it’s actually even better! Check out how simple your world can be when replication is coupled with SLA policies that do not require a wizard and magic runes to configure.
  3. Use Case 3: Easily Integrate with Archive Storage
    We know that you want an ultra-low RTO value without having to auction off your left leg (and possibly an arm). Dig into archive options from our partners at Cleversafe, Cloudian, and Scality with their S3 compatible storage solutions. Be it public and on-prem or private and off-prem, the choice is yours.

Jump-start modernization of your data center, and download the white paper. Ditch the manual, sweaty labor that legacy backup boxes love so dearly and learn how embracing converged data management can be supremely awesome.