Pure Storage and Rubrik have revolutionized the data management industry by changing the customer experience. Infrastructure solutions of the past are complex and inefficient. They lack scalability and consistency to deliver what today’s applications require. And their costs continue to skyrocket. Pure Storage and Rubrik focus on making solutions that are simple, efficient, and easy to deploy. We also changed the way customers consume our products by simplifying the software upgrades, enhancing feature enablement, and providing a well-rounded proactive support experience.

Pure Storage developed highly-efficient software with inline dedupe and compression on top of consumer SSDs to enable disk to be easily replaced with all flash. Pure Storage also improved the customer experience around storage consumption with Evergreen Storage, which requires no uplift in maintenance and offers free upgrades every 3 years. This complete shift in the customer experience has resulted in some of the highest B2B net promoter scores in the industry with a Satmetrix-audited Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 83.5.

Rubrik transformed the data management industry, providing highly-efficient, policy-driven data protection; Google-like search capability; instant recovery; and application activation for all hybrid-cloud enterprises. Its API-driven architecture made the automation of protection and application integration a simple task.

By pairing Pure Storage with Rubrik, you get a simple and intuitive next-generation data center that removes bottlenecks and enables massive efficiency to reduce costs.  The solutions are so simple together, you can be up in running within a few hours and ready to rock.  Front end applications get consistent high performance and an awesome cost model, and backups are optimized to remove complexity.

Pure Storage has two solutions that enable flash to be deployed across the enterprise.  FlashArray is the block product (FC and iSCSi), and FlashBlade is the next-generation file and object solution. Rubrik integrates with FlashArray’s REST API to leverage the array’s snapshot technology to dramatically improve data protection performance.  The net result is easy, policy-driven data management that gives users multiple consistent point-in-time copies with file-level granularity and no application timeouts or impact.  Rubrik can also protect any application running on FlashBlade, giving customers functionality for backup, disaster recovery, replication, and data archival to private or public cloud.

The Pure Storage and Rubrik collaboration solidifies our focus on customer experience. The joint solution enables customers to achieve business agility, drive performance, and easily scale across all environments.

Want to learn more about the integration? Watch the videos below: