Many of our customers leverage APIs and consume Rubrik Build projects to seamlessly automate and operate within a hybrid cloud environment. To provide the highest-quality integrations, we take a partner-focused approach when developing innovative solutions for the modern enterprise. To provide the best user experience, Rubrik has closely collaborated with Red Hat to design and develop our Ansible integration for Cloud Data Management. 

Collections were announced as a part of Red Hat Ansible Engine 2.8 and are designed to provide a consistent format that allows partners, such as Rubrik, to ship a bundle of modules, plugins, roles, and documentation together. Using Collections simplifies management of Ansible content while maintaining ease of consumption. The Rubrik Collection for Ansible empowers customers to more tightly integrate configuration management, provisioning, and data protection.

With our latest Ansible release, I am pleased to announce that Rubrik’s integration with Red Hat Ansible will be certified against Ansible 2.9.

Rubrik worked with Red Hat as a launch partner to certify their Ansible Collection, giving our joint customers robust support when using Ansible to automate mission-critical services. The integration follows Ansible’s best practices and enables Ansible and Rubrik customers to make data protection a component of their automation workflows, said Tom Anderson, Senior Director, Management Portfolio, Red Hat.

Red Hat Ansible Certification ensures customers using Ansible-certified content know that partners, such as Rubrik, are active members of the Ansible Community. This means we devote development and support resources to help resolve any issues that may arise with our Ansible Collection.

With Ansible and Rubrik, you can easily provision, destroy, take inventory, and manage your environments, whether on-premises or cloud. Key features include: 

Simplified Provisioning: Provision and protect workloads in a single automation pipeline
Automation Workflows: Automate software deployments or bulk operations such as Live Mount
Configuration Management: Retain desired state configurations to simplify provisioning of new resources
Idempotency: Consistent and repeatable automation workflows

This builds on the capabilities announced earlier this year in the first release of our Ansible integration, which enables users to enjoy using Ansible to:

  • Bootstrap a Rubrik CDM cluster
  • Manage SLA Domain assignments
  • Take on-demand snapshots
  • Manage hosts and filesets
  • Live Mount workloads
  • And more!

Learn more about the joint solution here. Details of where to find the Collection and all associated documentation can be found in Ansible Automation Hub and Rubrik Build.