We are excited to announce that Rubrik has acquired Opas AI, a company that specializes in artificial intelligence for root cause analysis in IT. At Rubrik, we’re focused on building solutions that reduce the friction and time required to run and manage modern IT environments. The Opas AI team will help us accelerate these efforts and enable our customers to more quickly and efficiently respond to problems in their IT operations.

Rubrik already employs AI in a variety of ways to deliver cutting-edge capabilities that tackle the biggest data management pain points. For example, Rubrik Polaris Radar, our Ransomware detection and remediation solution, uses AI to sift through large volumes of metadata to detect and pinpoint security vulnerabilities and ransomware attacks. 

Opas AI has developed an AI-based Causation Engine that employs an ensemble of statistical and ML models – deep neural nets, random forests, support vector machines – to “understand” and model the behavioral parameters of applications and their underlying infrastructure. This enables the Causation Engine to quickly diagnose a potential or existing fault. 

With Opas AI’s technology, we see a near-term opportunity to enhance our product offerings to provide our customers more proactive alerting and shorter problem resolution cycles when faults occur. This will in turn translate into increased availability of data and applications across any cloud or infrastructure.

Going forward, we are excited about the additional possibilities for AI-driven solutions for our customers. Every minute, a Rubrik cluster captures tens of thousands of pieces of telemetry and metadata that can be analyzed or monitored to help customers: 

  • optimize their costs in the cloud, 
  • predict outages, 
  • detect security breaches, 
  • flag privacy issues, 
  • resolve resource hotspots,
  • and more.  

Opas AI was founded in 2017 by Mohit Gupta and Gurashish Brar. Computer Science graduates from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT), Mohit and Gurashish both have more than 15 years of experience building large-scale applications, infrastructure and ML solutions at AWS, Google, Microsoft and Bloomreach. They have built a talented team with impressive academic (IIT, Stanford) and professional credentials (Adobe, AppDynamics, Bloomreach, Microsoft and Yahoo!).

We are excited to have the Opas AI organization join us.