Rubrik recently launched FORWARD Digital Summit, our first-ever user conference that we hosted through an interactive, fully-digital experience. With over 8,000 global data management professionals attending, FORWARD delivered a variety of intense technical and industry-focused content from our users and leading technologists. I was especially excited to be part of our product announcement demo, which showcased our latest Rubrik Polaris offerings for O365 OneDrive, Google Cloud, and AWS RDS. You can check out my cameo here.

These sessions are now available on-demand to anyone and are split up into four distinct tracks. But there’s a lot of content to sift through–over 25 breakout sessions and keynotes to be exact. So, here’s a rundown of our most popular talks—and a few honorable mentions:

An Introduction to Rubrik for Backup Administrators, DBAs and Architects 
This 12-minute walkthrough was the most attended session at FORWARD and offers a preview into our product and capabilities for those new to Rubrik. Whether you’re a backup admin or cloud architect, see how Rubrik’s policy-driven approach to data protection can drive automated backup and recovery, seamless migration to the cloud, and massive amounts of time and cost savings. 

Expert Seminar on Rubrik APIs
I led this session with Jaap Brasser, Developer Advocate at Rubrik, to go under the hood of Rubrik’s foundational API architecture and the powerful use cases that come with it. Check out this discussion to delve into our APIs, authentication, how to explore and consume APIs, versioning, and more. Walk away with tangible examples of how Rubrik’s APIs can be used to automate data protection.

How to Use Rubrik to Recover from a Ransomware Attack
Being forced to pay ransom vs. recovering from backups is a decision more organizations are unfortunately having to weigh. Not only can recovering from ransomware be manual and time-consuming, but in some cases, the backups themselves are compromised. In this session, discover the key steps to creating a strong ransomware remediation plan for fast recovery and how to leverage an immutable file system to prevent unauthorized deletion or tampering of backups. It also shows how Rubrik for Ransomware works, including our instant recovery, automated attack impact assessments, and ML-driven anomaly detection.

While the above sessions were the most-attended at FORWARD, all of our sessions were brainstormed and developed with our users in mind. I want to highlight a few of my picks:

Operationalize Your SQL Server Backups With Rubrik
SQL Server is a top Rubrik workload among our largest customers. Take a look under the hood at how you can leverage Rubrik APIs to address automation, migration, and the creation of self-service clones to maximize the value of your SQL backups.

Learn How Pillsbury Reduced Backup Management time by 90% with Rubrik API
Rubrik customer and globally renowned law firm Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman reduced its backup management time by a whopping 90%. Vincent Waniel (Network Engineer, aka the API Jedi) shares real-world examples of the tools he’s built with Rubrik’s REST API and Powershell to drastically reduce time spent on backup.

Servers are Really Heavy: How to Stop Racking and Stacking with Azure and Terraform
Follow a consultant’s journey with Terraform across multiple projects and clients to learn fundamentals of infrastructure-as-code and see demos of leveraging Terraform with Azure. This will include initial setup, architecture, and a code-walk for using Terraform to manage Azure resources. 

These are just a few of the many in-depth sessions now available on-demand. Whether you’re looking to improve your scripting skills, navigate your path to the cloud, or (like me) have just run out of things to watch on Netflix, these customer and expert-led talks can help. See the full listing here.