Nothing is more energizing than a group of people coming together to have open and candid conversations to learn how they can support one another to be more successful and thrive.  As one of the leaders of Women@Rubrik’s ERG, I was honored to host Melinda Elper, at Rubrik’s annual sales Kick-Off, to discuss Allyship. As women and people from underrepresented communities continue to be disproportionately affected by the pandemic, the Rubrik team came together to discuss these challenges and determine how we can become an ally to support women and underrepresented employees to help them have their best careers at Rubrik and in the tech industry.  To show our commitment, we all walked out with our ally pledge.

At Rubrik, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are core to our culture and critical to our success.  We know that if we want the best team to work alongside us, we must be intentional with our efforts to build and maintain diverse teams.  We also know that it is a job for all of us, not just the leaders.  

That’s where allyship comes in.  The beauty about being an ally is that we can all be allies at work, at home, and in our communities, to build, develop and retain the best talent for now and for the future.

What is Allyship: “Understanding the imbalance in opportunity and using your power and influence to change it.” Melinda Epler

How you can be an Ally: Allyship is about becoming a champion for underrepresented communities to support their career growth, call out inappropriate behavior, and provide a safe space for them to have a voice.      

Allyship is personal for me. Although I earned my success, I couldn’t have done it without my allies. I am grateful for the leaders, teammates, family and friends that supported and championed me. Whether it was providing flexibility when I started my family, giving me career-enhancing opportunities, or simply providing encouragement and guidance on how to navigate a male-dominated industry.  

Most people do not wake up thinking, “How can I make it difficult for someone today?” but without awareness of behaviors that make the workplace difficult for women or underrepresented people, we can unintentionally create an environment where people don’t feel they can excel or belong.  

We at Rubrik are committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and pledge to be allies.  I welcome you to join us by creating your own ally pledge.  Together, we can create a stronger workforce of the best and brightest and a better world for us all.  That’s the power of allyship and, you have that power!


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