I recently had the honor and privilege to join the Board of Directors at Rubrik, a leader in the emerging market in data security. In my time in cyber over the last couple decades I have had the chance to witness the ever growing importance of cyber security in our digital age. This has taken the form of continuous technology innovations, increased focus on the national and global concerns that arise in a digitally interconnected world, and the growing public/private working relationships across industry and governments. My time at Verisign, and then Palo Alto Networks, as well as serving the last 12 years on the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC) at the White House, makes me certain that cyber security is one of a very few industries that we have to get right as a society. And that no one technology, paradigm, policy or procedure is going to make that happen. It is, truly, a team effort and a global one at that.

The continued rise of the importance of cyber, and the continued rise in the sophistication of the attacker will be addressed over time by continuous innovation, collaboration, and the rise of cyber security data platforms. Rubrik steps into that need with its data security platform focused on ransomware, one of the scourges of our digital age. When you take on big problems with oversized consequences on every organization in the world, it creates the opportunity for significant value creation for customers and fast growth. Rubrik is experiencing tremendous demand, and is continuing to grow its customer base. This growth in new customer acquisition, as well as continued innovation and value creation for customers, is most evident in Rubrik’s recently announced $500 million in annual recurring revenue; and achieving a net dollar retention rate of greater than 140%. 

It is the combination of scale and velocity of growth that creates truly unique companies and significant value creation. That is also the combination that kills most companies who do not grow well by constantly thinking ahead, dilute their culture over time, or cannot keep up the innovation engine. I believe Bipul and team know the difference. And I am very excited and humbled to be part of the team and the journey.