TrustRadius announced their 2023 Best Of awards on November 8, 2023, and Rubrik earned multiple Best Of awards across 3 categories.

As one of the most trusted review sites for business technology, TrustRadius awards are designed to help technology buyers make better decisions by awarding Best Of status to companies with excellent customer satisfaction ratings.

Driven by customer reviews, Best Of awards serve as an annual reminder of how Rubrik works to assist organizations in achieving business resilience against cyberattacks, malicious insiders, and operational disruptions.

"Rubrik has outshone the competition, securing all three Best of Awards in the Data Center Backup category," said Megan Headley, VP of Research at TrustRadius. "These accolades are the result of direct feedback from its customers, who are pleased with the feature set, the strong customer relationship, and the exceptional value for the price that Rubrik provides."

Rubrik takes pride in supporting customers in this business-critical way and is excited to be recognized as Best Of in the following categories:

  • Best Value for Price (1st place)
  • Best Feature Set (1st place)
  • Best Relationship (2nd place)

Customers are at the core of everything Rubrik does. With over 200 reviews and ratings, you can see what real users are saying about Rubrik on TrustRadius's website.

We are more prepared because of Rubrik for a Ransomware Attack. We have backups that we can instantly restore from. Also, we have the Ransomware Investigation tool so that we can see any anomalies and stop a Ransomware attack potentially before or as it is happening.
We use Microsoft 365 for 25k users and back up around the top 20% of these accounts for both mailboxes and OneDrive, which is very easy to achieve. The process of backup is from Microsoft 365 is very straightforward and is SLA-based as with the VM backup process.
I will say that the ransomware detection and prevention features of Rubrik give me great peace of mind (especially with all of the ransomware attacks we're seeing in the news) and was in fact one of the differentiating factors we considered when selecting this product over others.


TrustRadius issues Best Of awards each year in every category on their site, helping to distinguish products in a category that have excellent customer satisfaction ratings. Best Of awards are based entirely on real reviews from customers and never include analyst opinions or paid placements. Find out more about TrustRadius’s scoring methodology here.

Rubrik would like to extend a huge thank you to our amazing customers! Recognition like this feels great and keeps us going, so thank you for your support and sharing your honest feedback.

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