Cyber attacks have become inevitable. According to research from Rubrik Zero Labs, 99% of IT and Security leaders were made aware of a cyberattack against their organization in 2022 with an average of 52 cyberattacks in this category. On top of that, 96% of IT and Security leaders are concerned they will be unable to maintain business continuity if they experience a cyberattack this year.

With the rapid growth of cyber attacks, organizations share the same concern: “If we get hit by ransomware, can we recover?” Governments around the world are increasing their focus on cybersecurity as well. Last month, the Biden-Harris administration announced a National Cybersecurity Strategy that seeks to shift liability to organizations that are most capable and best-positioned to reduce risks. The strategy advocates developing a more expansive framework of cybersecurity regulations to protect the nation’s critical infrastructure. Similarly, the NIS2 Directive became effective this past January to boost the overall level of cybersecurity in the EU.

Rubrik is confident in our data security solution and committed to a shared responsibility between customers and software vendors. As such, we are putting more skin in the game by doubling our warranty to $10 million*. 


Why are we doing this? At Rubrik, we obsess over helping our 5,000+ customers strengthen their cyber resilience. We do this through not just technology but also strategic guidance on data security best practices, offering our customers the ultimate peace of mind to our customers knowing their data is secure and available for full cyber recovery. By partnering together, we will reach the highest standards of data security.

As we all navigate this dynamic cyber threat landscape, know that you are not alone. Get peace of mind that you’ll recover your data with Rubrik.

Learn more about this offer here, and join us at Forward, Rubrik’s annual user conference, to hear from industry experts and organizations who’ve mastered data security so you too can become unstoppable against cyberattacks. Register here to save your spot today!


* The warranty will cover expenses related to data recovery and restoration in the event that Rubrik is unable to recover protected data in the event of a ransomware attack for qualified customers. Maximum warranty available dependent on volume of data protected. Please refer to the warranty agreement for additional terms.