The annual RSA Conference always brings exciting product innovations, new partnerships, and lots of debate across cybersecurity and risk practitioners, and last week’s event was no different. RSAC comes on the heels of the recently released National Cybersecurity Strategy which outlined heightened security aspirations for technology providers and organizations that maintain personal data. Two announcements that effectively respond to the national goals and demonstrate a commitment to protecting our digital ecosystem came from Rubrik. During RSAC, the company announced an extended ransomware recovery warranty offering of $10M for qualifying customers and joined forces with Zscaler - to unveil the industry’s first double extortion ransomware solution.

Shift to Shared Accountability

The National Cybersecurity Strategy put forth a goal to fundamentally shift roles, responsibilities, and resources in cyberspace. A key piece of the strategy is a statement that contends a greater portion of that liability should be shared by organizations that are most capable and “best-positioned to reduce risks” for all of us. Over the last few years working with the Rubrik team, I have watched their product offerings evolve to address broader risk management needs of customers. I have also seen first-hand the commitment to delivering capabilities to organizations to help them protect their data and standing by that commitment. The new $10M Ransomware Recovery Warranty announcement doubles down on that commitment of shared responsibility and the capabilities available.

We saw the goals of the National Cybersecurity Strategy in early March, but every day we also see new privacy laws enacted or policies proposed across states. States are also raising the bar on expectations for how public and private entities protect the data that they collect and create. These are headwinds that will both drive change in business use of data, but also the technology tools needed to protect that data across the life cycle of use.

Words and Actions

It is encouraging to see expanded partnerships and intentional product expansion in the aspirations of the National Cybersecurity Strategy, but it is even more impactful when we see the actions of corporations that yield expanded, easier to use capabilities available in the cybersecurity marketplace. 

Over the past few years as ransomware and other threats have increased, private sector companies have embarked on aggressive journeys to reduce risk. Keeping pace with the threat environment requires technology vendors to build and innovate at a relentless pace. Technology companies that rise to this pace of innovation and new product creation bring relief to organizations that often feel as though they are fighting the cyber battle alone. 

The new integration from Rubrik and Zscaler that takes on the threat of double extortion ransomware is a great example of what’s possible when like-minded cybersecurity companies collaborate and truly deliver “better together” solutions in our shared battle against cyberattacks. Today, in the cloud and AI era, data is both an organization’s significant risk and greatest competitive advantage. That’s why protecting it and implementing the right data security solutions is critical. When Rubrik and Zscaler bring their talent and technologies together, their joint customers reap the benefits of increased cyber resilience.

Moving Fast

They say that good news travels fast. Let’s hope that companies battling cybercriminals can move fast too, taking advantage of innovation in pathways to achieve data protection, business resiliency and the goals of zero trust.

Applauding new ways to protect our digital ecosystem
          - Suzette Kent, CEO Kent Advisory Services, and former US Federal CIO