With the goal of achieving robust and efficient data management, one cannot overlook the prowess of Rubrik Security Cloud (RSC), a platform encapsulating a comprehensive suite of GraphQl APIs. As many organizations trust both Rubrik and ServiceNow for their operational needs, blending these two systems creates a potent synergy. ServiceNow is the catalyst that enables enterprises to identify, assure, monitor, and measure their services, thereby amplifying the service quality and insightfulness of analytics.

This blog post aims to provide senior technical IT architects and decision-makers with a detailed understanding of the integration between Rubrik and the ServiceNow platform. By doing so, we hope to illuminate the significant advantages this confluence brings to their digital infrastructure.

ServiceNow (SNOW)

ServiceNow is an IT Service/Operations Management platform typically used by customers for ITSM type tasks (incidents, change, config management) but extends to self-service automation, security incident management and other tasks. ServiceNow's software utilizes ITIL principles to manage complex IT environments.

ServiceNow is ideal for building business applications that:

  • Replace processes managed in spreadsheets and email.

  • Modernize and improve departmental apps built on legacy platforms.

  • Automate processes, particularly those with a request-fulfill pattern.

ServiceNow is divided into several products, under the umbrella of ServiceNow initial IT Operations Manager and IT Service Manager, ServiceNow has extended its products footprint by launching the ServiceNow Now platform.

ServiceNow's plan is to use its Now Intelligence capabilities within the platform to streamline business decisions to further integrate legacy systems and refine enterprise workflows and processes. By adding Now Intelligence, ServiceNow is adding an analytics layer to the already existing platform.

The Now Platform has hundreds of updates that are available via consumer-like mobile apps. Data from the Now Platform is surfaced via contextual recommendations, predictions and insights, self-service, automation with virtual agents and analytics to discover trends and patterns in real time. The Rubik integration with ServiceNow is one of those applications.

Diving into  Rubrik Security Cloud


Rubrik simplifies backup and recovery across hybrid cloud environments by providing a unified platform for data orchestration, catalog management, and continuous data protection. By leveraging Rubrik, enterprises can fully harness the potential of cloud technologies for long-term data retention or disaster recovery, while automating processes with an API-first software platform.

The Unique Advantages of Rubrik Secure Cloud

Rubrik presents a unified software platform for comprehensive enterprise data management, spanning data centers to the cloud. It automates and streamlines core backup and recovery functionalities, facilitates API-first automation, smooth cloud mobility, and offers formidable defense mechanisms against cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Integration of Rubrik and ServiceNow

The integration between Rubrik and ServiceNow establishes a secure connection between platforms, allowing operational data to flow into the ServiceNow instance. This data exchange provides an interface for users to request Rubrik services via ServiceNow catalog items, creating a more streamlined user experience.

ServiceNow's customized reporting can be enhanced effortlessly through a scoped application and additional tables containing custom data.

Reporting via ServiceNow


ServiceNow dashboards can be utilized to visualize data over time with the Rubrik tables as a data source. By default, there are 3 example dashboards with data from Rubrik after configuring the integration. For example, the Rubrik RSC Default dashboard:

harnessing the power dashboard 1

The dashboard contains two widgets which display failed and successful snapshots on the left, and SLA membership per protected object on the right. Dashboards can be further created and enhanced by the customers' ServiceNow team based on the data ServiceNow pulls in from Rubrik.

Another example of a default dashboard that is created as an example after configuring the Rubrik integration from the ServiceNow store, is the visualization of Rubrik IOPS over the past 6 hours, and current throughput on a given Rubrik cluster.

harnessing the power dashboard 2

Any GraphQL endpoint that returns JSON data can be posted, with the result stored in ServiceNow. Reporting on data from Rubrik is therefore easy to customize and enhance by adding customized workflows once the initial integration is installed and configured.

Workflows – Service Desk Catalog Items

The standard Rubrik and ServiceNow integration package comes with several prepackaged Service Catalog items that interact between ServiceNow and Rubrik. These workflows require no extra configuration and allow a service desk to perform common administrative tasks from ServiceNow without needing access to the Rubrik cluster. Authorization of these catalog items actions can be done through ServiceNow, so the service to the customer can be done straight from the service desk and fully integrated with ITSM. 

Currently, the package includes but is not limited to self-service items for:

  • Connecting to RSC instances from ServiceNow.

  • Adding Linux or Windows hosts.

  • Assigning Rubrik SLA’s to CI’s.

  • Take on-demand snapshots of items.

These tasks represent a fraction of the potential scope of Rubrik automation through ServiceNow. Your enterprise can create additional catalog items or workflows to tailor the platform to your specific needs by expanding the Rubrik application through a scoped SNOW application.


By integrating Rubrik with ServiceNow, organizations can streamline their processes and workflows, reduce time-consuming manual tasks, and effectively improve their operational efficiency. It's a testament to the true power of automation, and the advantages it brings to the table are unparalleled. This integration not only increases efficiency but also brings a level of resilience and scalability that's crucial in today's competitive digital landscape.

In this rapidly evolving technological world, harness the power of Rubrik Security Cloud and ServiceNow for a future-proof and resilient infrastructure.

The latest Rubrik Integration for ServiceNow can be found on the ServiceNow Store and is supported by Rubrik.