Rubrik is on a mission to secure the world’s data. And our customers are at the very heart of that mission. Research from Rubrik Zero Labs’ State of Data Security report found 98% of global IT and cybersecurity leaders dealt with a cyberattack in the last year, exposing just how critical it is for businesses to have a solid data security strategy in place and a platform they can trust to protect against these ever-growing cyber threats.

We recognize that our customers help us technologically strive forward and make the world a safer place, that’s why we are announcing the launch of our technical championship program, the Rubrik Titans, where we intimately partner with a vibrant, worldwide group of Rubrik experts to help shape the future of security.

The Rubrik Titans is the exclusive, elevated tier of our customer community, Rubrik Guardians, designed to promote and distinguish individuals that contribute to communities and beyond with their expertise in Rubrik products and services. As a technical champion, our selected customers have demonstrated their ability to lead from the front. They continuously push the envelope of what it means to work in information technology, and are gratefully regarded for the challenges they help overcome in the industry. Some benefits they’ll experience as a Titan involves early access product briefings, direct communication access to the internal team, and professional branding opportunities to establish themselves as thought leaders in cybersecurity.

The 2024 Titans group represents a diverse array of talents, backgrounds, and expertise, all contributing to the vibrant community that our VIP program embodies. Each member brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and a passion for excellence, promising an enriching and collaborative environment for everyone involved. Without further ado, the following super customers have been accepted to the Rubrik Titans 2024:

Andreas Vedholm, Seco Tools

Burhan Ahmed, Harvard Law School

Dave Riberdy, Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company

David Poulin, Canam Group

Edward Poll, Cranfield University

Frederic Lhoest, PCWW Global

Gary Merritt, Memorial Hermann Healthcare System

Greg Schaag, Genuine Parts Company

Jesse Funk, JE Dunn

Julio Lau-Cheng, Mt. St. Mary’s University 

Kevin Mortimer, University of Reading

Lee Apps, Tecala

Lewis Jeter Jr, Moore & Van Allen

Shane Morningstar, Centennial Food Solutions

As we commence this new chapter, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to all 2024 members for their remarkable accomplishments. Together, we look forward to fostering a year of growth and learning. Once again, congratulations to our 2024 Rubrik Titans!

Are you a Rubrik customer and interested in joining our customer community? Sign up here for the Rubrik Guardians and help us fight for the truth, justice, and freedom from threat actors!