With the growing volume of data and increasing cost of breaches, organizations must find ways to manage and protect their ever-expanding datasets. To address this escalating threat landscape, Rubrik and CrowdStrike have joined forces to redefine cyber defense, with several integration points between our platforms. This partnership is not about bolting on more security tools; rather, it's about gaining more leverage out of what customers already have. 

The integration between Rubrik and CrowdStrike addresses a critical gap in modern cybersecurity: the need for contextual data intelligence and threat intelligence in a single place. By marrying Rubrik’s detailed time-series data insights with CrowdStrike’s unified security data and sophisticated threat intelligence, InfoSec teams gain a deeper understanding of threats to their data. Security teams will be armed with the combined power of the AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon Insight XDR platform and Rubrik Security Cloud enabling more precise threat prioritization and faster response times, giving our customers the power to understand, prioritize and safeguard their most important data assets.


Bringing data context and threat intelligence together

We all know InfoSec teams are stretched thin, doing their best to spot when an incident is occuring, understand the scope of impact, prioritize everything they’re seeing and ensure they have the right resources and processes in place to respond. 

Consider a company on the CrowdStrike platform. An event is logged where an endpoint is running a script attempting to gain bruteforce access to an IP address. On its own this alert is alarming but might be missed or not given a high priority by a SOC analyst among the hundreds of other alerts in the queue.


Consider the same scenario with rich Rubrik data context delivered directly into CrowdStrike Falcon XDR. Now the SOC analyst can quickly see that the target IP address contains sensitive data records that have been classified as high or medium risk, in this case personally identifiable patient records. Data that would be particularly harmful if compromised and likely subject to regulatory fines. Suddenly this event takes on much more importance because we understand not only the threat but the significance of the target of that threat. This event is actually an incident that should be highly prioritized immediately, potentially isolating the compromised endpoint and shutting down traffic to and from the IP address. More detailed forensic analysis should be applied rapidly to determine if the data was accessed or compromised, and if so when it occurred and how severe the impact was. 

Defend against attacks targeting your critical data

When an attack occurs, every second matters. In order to respond quickly, SOC analysts need all the context they can get at their fingertips, without having to go through multiple systems to get it and correlate it. By integrating Rubrik's data insights with CrowdStrike's threat intelligence, security teams now have unprecedented context in one place, enabling them to respond to threats with precision and speed, safeguarding their most critical data assets more effectively.

Register for the webinar to learn more about how Rubrik and CrowdStrike work together and check out the Rubrik Security Cloud integration with CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale on the CrowdStrike Marketplace.