I believe in maximal thinking — constantly imagining a limitless, extraordinary future, while accepting contradictions and maximizing present opportunities. By accepting contradictions, we accept reality — that is the starting point for progress.

I have been fortunate to be able to sit on multiple sides of the table - from software engineer to people manager to venture capitalist to founder and CEO. These experiences have given me a unique perspective on how to weave together complex software platforms, company culture, risk capital, value creation, and market transitions to create durable businesses. When market transitions occur, opportunity arises to transform and massively expand existing markets. These disruptions allow new products to gain market relevance quickly and set the agenda of the new market order. This is precisely why I left my venture partnership to start Rubrik. The legacy backup and recovery market was ripe for such a transformation into data security based on cloud and cybersecurity trends. I believed there was an opportunity to build a lasting company.

Rubrik was founded on a vision to deliver business resilience by securing the most critical asset of any organization - data. We built a distinct architecture to combine data and metadata (application context) from business applications across the cloud to ensure data security and availability irrespective of incidence. This allowed us to transform backup data into a strategic asset that sits at the epicenter of security and artificial intelligence. Our original architecture uniquely enables application of artificial intelligence directly between data and security to deliver resilience against cyberattacks. We aim to build an enduring institution underpinned by a unique platform that delivers data security products to solve critical problems and delight our customers. Our goal is to lead the data security market which we believe is the future of cybersecurity.

Rubrik lives on the frontier of innovation, and our long-term success depends on our ability to continuously create and commercialize pioneering products. However, vision is useless by itself. We believe a strong culture and disciplined execution are required to build a durable company. That's why we defined our cultural principles before hiring our first employee. Our culture is encapsulated as RIVET
— Relentless, Integrity, Velocity, Excellence and Transparency. RIVET is our north star to empower our colleagues to do their best work, foster long-term thinking, and grow professionally without limits. From the beginning, we have intentionally designed Rubrik to be a living, breathing system. RIVET encourages debate and constructive conflict in order to render high-quality decisions and reduce blind spots when operating at speed. Our ability to continue to adapt, overcome adversity, and leverage emerging technologies and market transitions rests on fostering our unique culture.

We aspire to be a truly exceptional company with no finish line. Building an enduring institution requires maximal thinking. From very early investments in go-to-market to rapidly expanding platform scope, we have taken a unique approach to risk capital since day one to accelerate the business. While our company has grown in organizational size and experience, our mindset, sense of urgency, and risk posture remain as if we were still in the same tiny room as on day one.

We will continue to invest in yet-to-be-certain markets and non-consensus ideas, with the approach to create customer and shareholder value.

Our goal is to ensure Rubrik has the best opportunities to achieve its highest potential. Maximal thinking is how I lifted myself out of poverty, built a life in America, and created Rubrik with my co-founders. I am very lucky to have amazing parents who taught me to think that way. I feel very lucky to be building Rubrik.

We are defining the future of cybersecurity. In today's world, no government or business is immune to cyberattacks. What we do matters.

We are on a journey to secure the world's data and build an impactful company along the way.

Bipul Sinha
CEO, Chairman & Co-Founder