My crystal ball says that if you’re reading this, chances are you’re either checking Rubrik out, OR you’re already using Rubrik and want to milk that investment for everything it’s worth. Great news: You’re in the right place, and I have just the thing for you.

At Rubrik FORWARD 2024 (June 4-5) you'll learn how to deliver complete cyber resilience for your organization, secure your data against cyberattacks, and make your business operations unstoppable. This is all very true, but you could have learned that on the FORWARD event website (you know, the place where you can register now).

Here, on this page, I can offer you one more reason to go to FORWARD. You will finish up FORWARD pumped about what you can do for your organization in terms of protection, simplicity, and total cost of ownership. But of course I would say that. This is the Rubrik company blog after all. Don’t take it from me. Take a look at what these Rubrik customers had to say in a recent meeting where they shared their experiences using Rubrik. Then, decide if you want to be as excited as these guys.

Rubrik Customers and FORWARD Speakers

Kevin Mortimer, Head of Operations, University of Reading
Frederic Lhoest, Senior Technology Architect, PCCW Global


Frederic Lhoest, Senior Technology Architect at PCCW Global, on the simplicity of using Rubrik:

"There's no requirement for 6 months training. As soon as you have a mouse and internet access and your credentials, you're good to go. So that's probably the most important thing. When it comes to selecting a product, it should be easy to use, and it should be efficient.”

Market Leadership

Frederic Lhoest on Rubrik’s market leadership:

“Now, everybody's copying Rubrik. There is one very famous quote in the industry. ‘How do you recognize a leader? That’s easy. Everybody is copying it.’ So, if everybody is copying Rubrik, it means that it’s the leader in the market.”

Rubrik’s Evolution Over Time

Kevin Mortimer, Head of Operations at University of Reading, on Rubrik's evolving product roadmap:

"The big thing was the roadmap that was coming. The way it was taking data sources from essentially anywhere we had data and trying to have it under one data plane… It’s really interesting how it started out and how it's essentially evolved layers and layers and layers out. … And there’s more to come. I think that’s one of things that’s really interesting is the evolution of the product and how [Rubrik] actually listens to customers to help define what’s next."

Working with Rubrik

Kevin Mortimer on his journey with Rubrik:

“Rubrik feels like an extension of my family weirdly. That’s partly what we invest in, and we get so attached to the journey that Rubrik’s been on.”

Frederic Lhoest on reaching out to Rubrik:

“We can establish an easy connection with all Rubrik employees. Well, at least the ones that we need to talk with. I mean, today I've had some challenges enabling my Jira protection in RSC. But you just need to ask in the channel, and immediately you see all the names popping in, and that's really easy going on. So, this is also something which is very important for us.”

Don't Miss Rubrik FORWARD 2024

Wouldn’t you like to feel as passionate about your cyber resilience solution as these folks? Who wouldn’t, right?

So, register for Rubrik FORWARD 2024 today for more from Frederic and Kevin about their journey with Rubrik—plus tons of other great sessions on cyber resilience and how to make the most of Rubrik.