Clouditalia is the first Italian company to provide integrated cloud and telecommunications services dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises. Last week at VMworld Barcelona, I sat down with Bernardo Marzucchi, CTO, and Delio Trapani, Data Center Technology Manager, to discuss how Clouditalia is using Rubrik to reinforce its competitive edge in the Italian market

What differentiates Clouditalia from other Managed Service Providers?

Clouditalia is a telecommunications and cloud services provider focused on small and medium enterprises (SME) in Italy. We have 35% of our management infrastructure dedicated to data protection. Our main difference is that we satisfy customers’ needs in a customized manner. Our ability to offer extremely tailored services directed towards our customers’ needs depends on providing the most innovative technologies available in the market. Clouditalia is the first mover in Italy which adopted Rubrik’s solution, giving us a strong competitive advantage in the market.

Describe the current IT landscape in Italy.

In Italy, the IT transformation is at an early stage. However, the rate of adoption of modern technologies in Italy is growing day by day. Our customers are rapidly embracing new and innovative solutions.

What type of challenges were you experiencing with legacy solutions?

Legacy solutions are very costly, difficult to manage, and complex. Prior to Rubrik, we implemented a solution by the market leader, but it was not suitable for our needs because it wasn’t scalable and was too expensive for our market size. We could only sell managed service, but in a cloud environment, you need self-service – something that Rubrik provides.

What drove the initial interest in Rubrik?

We first met Rubrik at VMworld last year and immediately understood the power of the product. After a few days, we started moving production to the Brik. We needed a solution that allowed us to focus on the SME market in Italy and was easy-to-use. We found Rubrik to be the right answer to all our needs.

How are you using Rubrik in the services you deliver to customers?

We love how simple Rubrik is it to set up – a plug and play.  It is very easy to use and to scale, which is extremely important to a cloud services provider like Clouditalia. Also, we can guarantee instant recovery, another example of something we couldn’t do before.

One of the best aspects of Rubrik is its APIs. We can now offer instant provisioning of our services through the APIs, allowing us to reach a very high level of automation. Thanks to Rubrik, we can move more of our resources from data protection tasks to other key tasks within our data center. I have saved immense amount of time, time I can now spend with my family.

How has Rubrik shifted the growth curve for Clouditalia?

We are at early stage of adoption with Rubrik, but we can confirm that our customers are rapidly embracing Rubrik’s solution. We are confident we will increase both our revenue and customer base with Rubrik.

Future plans with Rubrik?

We will implement Rubrik Edge to provide a software appliance and deliver very easily Backup-as-a-Service for our customers. This wasn’t possible with our previous solutions. And looking forward to strengthening this partnership with Rubrik.