Galliker Transport AG, based in Altishofen, Switzerland, provides logistic services internationally for a wide range of products: cars, cargo, food, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and flowers. It offers temperature controlled transportation services, as well as warehousing and value-added services. Its large customer base consists of medium-large enterprises across industries, including BMW, Mercedes, Tesla, Nestle, and B. Braun Medical. André Dousse, Team Leader of IT infrastructure at Galliker Transport, explains how Rubrik helps them keep up the pace with their growing industry.

How has your industry evolved in the last few years, and what is the role of IT?
15 years ago, when I entered this sector, daily business was done with fax and telephone. Today, everything is IT driven. If an order goes in today and goods have to be delivered tomorrow morning, our IT has to be faster and more reliable. This is especially important for our industry because logistic companies highly benefit from being dynamic. Virtual data centers help us keep up with this need. All our mission-critical data is hosted on our virtualized platform.

What were your challenges with backup?
With our previous solution, we spent a lot of time just managing our backups. We had to check backups every day and manually decide when to schedule jobs. A lot of the time, hourly or daily backups weren’t completed. “It was a real pain,” said Dousse. Sometimes, we lost storage or couldn’t find its proxy servers. Lastly, the lack of support that we got was a major obstacle since it was difficult to get the right people on the phone when we had a problem.

How did you choose Rubrik?
While testing another legacy solution, we quickly realized it was too complex and took two weeks to set up. We also use Nutanix in our primary environment. With our previous solution, we had to install a proxy server on each Nutanix node – 20 to simply perform backups. When we saw Rubrik, it was up and running in under 20 minutes. Rubrik is faster and simpler with no impact on our production system. Rubrik guarantees that the infrastructure behind our business is reliable and works 24/7 every day.

Given legal concerns in Europe, how are you using Rubrik for archival?
Because of legal issues, we are not allowed to use cloud services such as Amazon AWS. This is a challenge for many companies in Europe. Rubrik solves this problem by allowing us to keep data locally on the Brik for 5 years and then archive through NFS to a NAS storage system, Synology. This is especially important since we have sensitive data that we need to keep for years. With our previous solution, our backups weren’t working most of the time. This is easy with Rubrik, giving us fast and reliable archival.

What features help drive business outcomes?
Data search is very important to our business. For some services, we must keep products in a defined temperature. In order to show that we comply with these requirements, we need to find that data very quickly, whenever and wherever it is stored. With Rubrik, we can search at the file-level, even if we have just the tracking number, date of shipping, or part number. Additionally, our RPO is 2 hours on our most important machines. We did every test on Rubrik, and it is much faster than 2 hours. With instant recovery it takes only seconds.

How do you plan on using Rubrik in the future?
We plan to implement Rubrik Edge in remote offices with 10-20 VMs. When we tested Rubrik’s virtual appliance, it was very impressive. It doesn’t need any attention and does the job from the first minute without complex management.

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