AERTEC Solutions, headquartered in Málaga, Spain, is an international engineering and consulting company specialized in aeronautics with projects covering more than 100 airports across 39 countries. Jesús Viciana, Information Technology Director at AERTEC Solutions, chats with me on building a stronger disaster recovery strategy and freeing up time for innovation with Rubrik.

What challenges were you experiencing with your previous solution?
As we transitioned to a fully virtualized environment, we wanted to move away from legacy infrastructure. Our previous backup software was very complex and difficult to manage. Our backups were failing. Additionally, we had to run all our operations on extremely slow servers.  It was impossible to work with. Last year, we ran into a massive problem when we upgraded to VMware vSphere 6.0. There was a bug in the databases, and when we tried to recover from our backups, the data became corrupt. From a business point of view, it was unacceptable. We started looking for another solution in the market that was more reliable for disaster recovery.

Why Rubrik?
We needed a solution that maximized the value of our business and ensured recoverability in case of a failure. Rubrik is a powerful tool that was easy to deploy, easy to use, and easy to recover. In the near future, we plan to move towards public cloud. One of the main reasons we chose Rubrik is because of its simple integration with cloud, allowing us to build a stronger strategy for disaster recovery and business continuity.

How are you using Rubrik?
We use Rubrik to deliver automated backup, disaster recovery, search, and test/dev. It is very easy to deploy and use. Our favorite feature with Rubrik is the global predictive search. You can easily find items and perform a file-level restore in seconds. Additionally, we can now ensure granular recovery and restore in minutes. Lastly, we can use Rubrik beyond backup. One of our main use cases is the ability to provision our backup replicas for application test and development. With our previous environment, it would take hours to test releases. Now, we can use live mount to evaluate a release in just minutes.

What results have you seen with Rubrik?

  1. 12x improvement in backup performance: Before Rubrik, a full backup started Friday night, and if we were lucky, stopped Monday morning. Often, the snapshots were inaccessible and offline. With Rubrik, we have reduced our backup window from 48 to 4 hours. Most importantly, it doesn’t impact the performance of our production environment.
  2. Reduced RTOs from hours to minutes: With our previous solution, file-level recovery was very complicated. It took ages to recover one item. Every time, it took at least 4 hours to perform the entire operation. Now, we can recover in just minutes.
  3. 75% in time savings from data management simplicity: In terms of day-to-day operations, we invest significantly less time managing our environment. Rubrik has changed the way our engineers operate, performing operations in minutes that used to take hours or days.

How do you plan to use Rubrik in the future?
Rubrik’s architecture is future-proof and built for innovation. Our plans involve moving towards public cloud, and Rubrik helps us achieve that. With Rubrik, we can continue building a stronger policy for data protection that helps drive our business forward.

To learn more about how AERTEC Solution uses Rubrik, read the full case study.