Secure-24, headquartered in Michigan, is a fast-growing managed service provider that delivers mission-critical application hosting, comprehensive managed IT, cloud, and security services to global enterprises. Sean Donaldson, CTO of Secure-24, discusses how their company leverages Rubrik’s robust APIs, high level of security, and cloud capabilities to expand to new markets, including Healthcare and hybrid cloud customers.

Tell me about Secure-24’s IT environment and product offerings.
At Secure-24, we maintain a highly-virtualized data environment, managing over tens of thousands of VMs globally. We offer a comprehensive business solution to enterprises seeking IT transformation, primarily targeting larger organizations ranging from $1B to $10B in revenue.

Our goal is to provide not only backup-as-a-service to our customers, but a service-oriented experience across the entire IT cycle. We focus on running mission critical applications with a high degree of reliance on security, compliance, and governance.

What frustrations did you experience with your previous solution?
With our legacy backup solution, the recovery process was very manual and required the involvement of multiple teams. RTOs were lengthy, and it was cumbersome to use different tools and procedures for our physical and virtual environments. In particular, we encountered challenges with backing up large VMs in our environment. This made backup difficult and inefficient to manage.

What are the main ways in which Rubrik has helped you?
Rubrik’s robust APIs are a perfect complement to our automation-centric approach. They integrate seamlessly with our internal workflow engine and automate critical data management end-to-end workflows. Rubrik’s integration with ServiceNow simplifies the complex file recovery and SLA creation process down to just a couple clicks of a button in a simple interface.

Rubrik’s solution has also helped us from a security capabilities perspective. Our business-critical application data can now be encrypted both in-flight and at-rest, which is key to capturing customers in highly-regulated markets such as Healthcare. We are currently focused on expanding our healthcare network with our Epic® hosting capabilities, and Rubrik facilitates this expansion by enabling us to meet and exceed the strict security expectations of Healthcare clients. They can also provide this same high level of security, compliance, and governance in the cloud, which enables us to generate more revenue from our hybrid cloud customers.

Furthermore, using Rubrik’s straightforward UI, we are now able to quickly recover our 10TB VMs in seconds, which is a significant improvement from our previous legacy solution. This convenience frees up our resources for innovation and continued development of our IT infrastructure to align with our business requirements.

How do you plan to use Rubrik in the future?
We are on the tip of the iceberg of our deployment. We plan to expand our Rubrik footprint and eventually transfer additional systems to Rubrik as a primary backup solution. Their product roadmap is promising, and we are excited to explore future opportunities in which they can help us manage our immense data environment even more efficiently.

Watch the video below to learn more about Secure-24’s results with Rubrik.

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