be-itys, headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France, is dedicated to hosting, securing, processing, and managing sensitive data. We spoke with Manuel Rigaut, CIO of the be-ys group and be|itys, responsible for establishing an IT strategy in line with the business needs of the be-itys group. be-itys deployed Rubrik to support its network of more than 230,000 healthcare professionals and to scale easily.

Tell me about be-itys and its product offerings.
be-itys is a trusted digital company and wants to make innovation its driving force. We identify blockchain, big data, and deep learning as the future of digital trust. Our group applies its technology, its knowledge and know-how to the the strategic areas of activities of organizations, including legal security of digital transactions, probative value archival or management of services in the healthcare sector, or personalized prevention.

What challenges were you experiencing with your legacy solution?
As we experienced significant growth, we needed a data management solution that met our scalability needs while providing operational efficiency. We needed a robust IT infrastructure to support our network of more than 230,000 healthcare professionals. Additionally, we were looking for a solution to support our production environment with Nutanix consisting of 2,400 VMs.

Why Rubrik?
As we began to evaluate new solutions, it was clear that Rubrik was the best solution for our needs. One of the reasons we chose Rubrik was for its easy integration with any cloud. In the future, we plan to set up archival to cloud. It also provided high performance and a scale-out architecture while ensuring all our data was secure throughout its lifecycle.

We now use Rubrik for automated backup, disaster recovery, replication, and search. We also deployed Rubrik because it works across all our apps. It protect both our entire virtual and physical environment. In one platform, we can easily manage and gain visibility into all our applications.

What results have you seen with Rubrik?

  • 65% faster backup performance: We are seeing much higher backup performance with over 20% faster full backup and over 65% faster incremental backup for a large VM.
  • Significantly faster recoveries: With Rubrik’s Google-like search, it is easy to recover quickly with reduced time delivering 30% faster recoveries.
  • 70% management time savings: We have reduced the time spent on backup. Now, backup only takes minutes, freeing up our time and resources to work on other important projects.
  • Rapid return on investment: We expect a return on our investment in less than year. Rubrik provides us operational efficiency and slashes daily management time from hours to minutes. Since it frees up our resources and time, it will reduce our overall costs quickly.

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