At Rubrik, customers are our north star in guiding and shaping our roadmap. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say we’re slightly obsessed with our customers, which is why we are especially humbled to be named a 2018 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice in the Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions market.

It is a special recognition near and dear to our heart because this distinction is given to us directly by our customers. We received a 4.8 out of 5-star rating, the highest in the market, from over 350 of our customers, and we couldn’t be more honored.

We felt it was important to take this opportunity to understand the valuable insights and organic customer sentiment in each review. After scrupulously reading through each and every one of the reviews, these were the top five resonating takeaways that were important to our customers, straight from their words:

Simplicity & Ease of Use: Rubrik was built with the revolutionary mission to not just shrink the complex backup infrastructure, but to automate the entire backup and recovery process, making it is simple, fast, and reliable. Radical simplicity and ease of use has always been our driving force, and we’re thrilled to see that it has also resonated with our customers.

“Rubrik has exceeded our expectations and then some. The ease of use, complete lack of any required training, and flexibility are just a few of the advantages of the system.”

– Systems Architect in the Government Industry

Easy Implementation: True out-of-the-box implementation that allows you to get up and running in minutes can sometimes be like a hopeful wish upon a star. But take our customers’ word for it – Rubrik implementation really is that easy.

“Installing the product was a breeze. I kept asking the professional services guy, ‘Are we really finished?’ Implementations in the past were measured in weeks – Rubrik is measured in hours.”

Cloud Engineer in the Finance Industry

World-Class Support: We take great pride in our support organization, committed to providing around-the-clock, customized support to deliver the best customer experience. Our team’s working on new exciting things, folding in machine learning to provide prescriptive support. Stay tuned!

“Rubrik’s product is fantastic for large scale platform-agnostic providers. Their ‘human touch’ via their support and engineering teams are second to none, which place Rubrik above their competitors.”

Systems Engineer in the Manufacturing Industry

Innovation & Roadmap: Innovation has always been core to our DNA. The market was ripe for reimaginement, and we had an idea that could revolutionize the status quo. We are so grateful to our customers for believing in our vision and joining our relentless pursuit to better change.

“It’s new. It’s different. It’s not ‘traditional.’ It is inherent for people to resist change, not only from an engineering perspective, but at the leadership level within organizations. My advice would be to understand the [Rubrik] vision and be able to articulate how this platform operates differently from legacy methodologies and bring value to your organization for many years. Nothing great ever happens unless there is change.”

Systems Engineer in the Healthcare Industry

API & Automation: The world is evolving at an unprecedented pace. We strongly believe APIs and automation initiatives will be critical to maintaining business agility in these changing times. We’re especially excited about Rubrik Build, an open source community that helps customers of all skill levels unlock the power of automation and scripting  with Rubrik APIs. We can’t wait to see the amazing things they create!

“Rubrik’s API is very well documented and is easy to use. We have been able to automate on-demand backups and provide a way for users to initiate their own backups, reducing administrative time for our engineering team.”

Systems Engineer in the Retail Industry

We are committed to building a product our customers love. At Rubrik, customers drive our roadmap, and we’ve  taken these valuable insights to make direct improvements to our product. Check out the press release for more details. Thank you to our customers for the relentless support!