Regardless of a company’s size or industry, an effective backup and recovery solution is imperative for both protecting critical data and unlocking new value from that backup data. There are a number of considerations when deciding the right backup and recovery solution for your organization. But, as users of Rubrik reveal in reviews on IT Central Station, several consistent themes emerge in describing what users get out great backup and recovery software, including easy setup, massive time and cost savings, fast restores, and minimal downtime.

Rubrik is purposefully architected to enable enterprises to achieve benefits like these. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been named the #1 Backup and Recovery Software solution on IT Central Station, as decided by our unbiased users. Here’s a breakdown of what our customers are saying about Rubrik:

Saving Time Managing Backups

Less time spent managing backups means more time spent working on higher value-add projects. That’s why many customers love Rubrik’s simple, policy-driven approach to data protection. As one user on IT Central Station simply put it, “Everyone who needs fast backup and quick restore should try it.” Raffaello P., a Cloud Solutions Architect at a comms service provider, remarked, “time dedicated to backup was drastically reduced [with Rubrik].”

Matthew G., a Senior Network System Engineer at an insurance company with more than 1,000 employees, shared his database team’s experience with Rubrik: “We have a lot of DBAs who are interested in Rubrik because when you’re a database administrator, I can’t imagine that you’d have a lot of fun. You’re always worried about mitigating loss. You have your database, and your replication of your database, and your backups for your database, and additional backups for your database, and then you need validation on those backups. The great thing is that Rubrik does most of that. It’s not replication for databases, but it backs up the database, and it’s very seamless. It’s very fast.” He then added, “Generally, within three or four clicks, I can get anywhere I need to be, whether that’s restoring a snapshot or creating a new host. It’s really fast.”

Achieving Fast Recovery Times

For many organizations, meeting their Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is an important part of their backup strategy. In some business situations, even an outage lasting a few seconds can have a negative impact (e.g. stock trading or urgent healthcare situations). As a paralegal noted on IT Central, “Our previous backup solution was slow, unreliable, and difficult to manage. Rubrik has brought all of our backups under a single pane of glass and made recovery extremely simple. We had a case where a SQL server had been rendered unusable. Rubrik had us back up and running in seconds.”

“I no longer feel the need to babysit and monitor all of the backup jobs in the backup system. It simply works when it is supposed to, at all times,” said Rob M., a Systems Administrator at a healthcare company with more than 1,000 employees. “Live recovery is near instant and it handles all mounts through the appliance for rapid recovery. Spinning up test SQL servers from mounts are also great for our development team. It takes about 10 seconds to restore the VM from backup to production, and also mounts from point in time.”

According to Don R., a Senior Systems Engineer at a university with over 500 employees, Rubrik “saves us days.” He revealed, “The last time that we had a major system go belly-up, it was three or four days before we had the system back to being functional. In contrast, I was able to return a system that was being a pain due to some vendor-patching, multiple times, back to a known state, and within minutes.”

Minimizing Downtime

With fast recovery comes less downtime in the event of a disaster or outage. Rubrik earned high marks from IT Central Station members in this area. For example, Katelyn E., an Information Security Administrator at a government agency with more than 1,000 employees, said, “Rubrik has improved our organization by minimizing downtime (in case an incident was to occur).”

Don R. similarly noted, “It has also helped to reduce downtime. We had one production server that went down, and we were able to get it back up in just a couple minutes. In comparison, if we had needed to rebuild that entire server, that would have taken days, and possibly longer, due to needing to reload the applications.” The Senior Systems Manager at the construction stated, “Because we’ve been able to recover more expediently, it has reduced downtime. We don’t have a lot of downtime, but we know that there’s a safety blanket there if we need it.”

Finding Financial Value in the Backup and Restore Solution

As part of the IT department, backup and restore must justify itself in financial terms. This can involve more than just direct cost savings. For many users, it’s about the overall value of the solution. “Rubrik Go is not just another pricing program; it’s a holistic go-to-market strategy that allows us to future proof our Rubrik investment in the cloud era with just one easy-to-manage subscription,” said Rich T., Chief Technology Officer at Public Consulting Group. “It gives us peace of mind knowing that we can migrate our licenses to the cloud anytime or refresh to Rubrik’s next-generation appliances at no additional cost.”

Raffaello P. shared, “Since it was fast to rack and go, ROI is highly positive, and customer response was great.” Don R. put the matter in perspective, explaining, “The biggest ROI is a lot of hidden costs. With the lower amount of management time, I’ve been able to focus on doing a whole lot of other work. Nobody has done a full ROI comparison, but just in my time savings it’s been huge. I’ve not needed to do a whole lot of work on the Rubrik system itself.” He then offered another example of indirect cost savings, saying “It does all of its processing of the deduplication and compression before it sends it off to the archive, which helps with our cloud costs.”

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