Rubrik Cloud Data Management pioneered a complete platform to deliver mission critical data management functions to hybrid cloud enterprises. With our Rubrik Firefly release, our platform extended data management from virtual to physical workloads. The Rubrik platform radically simplifies Microsoft SQL and Physical Linux protection by enabling instant access, policy-driven automation, and security and compliance for your physical environment.

Rubrik provides a comprehensive data management solution for physical, including backup, replication, recovery, and data archival. With a single pane of glass, manage both virtual and physical workloads in one consumer-grade interface. As a result, the user can define both virtual and physical SLA policies in one place. The simplicity of Rubrik extends from the UI to the deployment and scalability. Just as with your virtual infrastructure, start small and linearly scale with no limitations. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Automated database or host discovery: Save time with a simple search and setup for backup. Once the user enters the credentials for its physical environment, Rubrik auto-discovers details of the entire physical environments, such as hosts and applications. Easily search, select, and add hosts for backup through Rubrik APIs.
  • Granular Protection: Rubrik offers protection down to a folder or file and has built-in integration with Kroll Ontrack PowerControls™ for object-level restores (such as MS SQL tables, mailbox and emails for MS Exchange, and MS Sharepoint objects and sites) to eliminate the complexity of doing a database rollback or restore.
  • Automated Connector Management: Rubrik automatically updates all connectors on your physical databases, servers, and hosts when you upgrade or change your Rubrik platform.
  • End User Restore using RBAC: Role-based access control allows database and Linux administrators to restore databases or backups of hosts they are assigned ownership to.

For Microsoft SQL, increase storage efficiencies and lower your TCO with Rubrik’s forever incremental approach. Rubrik computes changed blocks on the physical host to send back to Rubrik for incremental forever backups. Additionally, point-in-time restore allows the user to recover the relevant point-in-time snapshot and apply transaction logs to restore back to the desired point. Rubrik tracks the changed blocks in a database, and the transaction logs they are associated with. Lastly, using intelligent log management, Rubrik delivers fully automated, policy-based log backups and management for point-in-time recovery.

Rubrik Firefly brings the simplicity of Rubrik to physical workloads, providing the same easy-to-use experience and lightweight solution you’re accustomed to with Rubrik in virtual environments. Now, let’s get physical.


Looking for more information? Check out the Rubrik for Physical Environments data sheet.

Want to understand how Rubrik Cloud Data Management works? Download our new white paper.