Hyperconverged infrastructure has been trending in the data center. CIOs like the ROI of eliminating infrastructure layers, while IT managers and engineers are drawn to consumer-like usability, rich automation, and simplified management experience for building and operating a modern environment.

Let’s say you simplified your primary environment with a hyperconverged solution like Nutanix.  It wouldn’t make much sense to hitch it to a legacy data protection solution. Best case, managing your data protection could be more work than managing your primary environment. Worst case, your data protection could impact application performance on your new environment. This is the quandary facing customers considering hyperconverged infrastructure.

It makes perfect sense that Rubrik teamed up with Nutanix via their Elevate Partner Program. Rubrik’s r300 Series is now a validated, Nutanix Ready solution for backup and disaster recovery. Customers can confidently deploy our joint solution for VMware vSphere while benefiting from immediate infrastructure reduction, easy and rapid deployment, and web-scale architecture.

One of our joint customers, Matthew Day at Langs Building Supplies, said it best, “Nutanix and Rubrik are complementary technologies. Both are rock solid scale-out platforms that allow IT to drive business outcomes. Together, they destroy the complexity barrier, allowing us to focus on what we really care about – our customers.”

Want more info?  Over the coming months, well continue to:

  • share additional case studies of Rubrik-Nutanix joint customers;
  • provide how-to’s via webinars and local events; and
  • present technical information at Nutanix .NEXT in June.

To learn more about how Nutanix and Rubrik work together, get our joint brief here. You can also check out Matthew Day’s take on how Rubrik helps Langs Building Supplies here.