We recently announced our 7th product release with version 3.1 of Rubrik Cloud Data Management. This update expands the enterprise capabilities of our platform by delivering rich visual analytics, software-based security, and broader support for physical workloads.

Many of our enterprise customers have asked us to extend Rubrik’s platform to protect their Windows servers. That’s why we’re excited to introduce support for physical Windows. Customers can now leverage policy-based management, incremental forever backups, and instant file access for even more physical workloads. This addition builds on our support for physical environments, including SQL databases, Linux, and NAS.

The new functionality delivers comprehensive and simple data management to file servers, web servers, database servers, and Windows apps. These are some of the key benefits:

Policy-driven Automation
Use a single pane of glass to easily manage policies for both virtual and physical workloads — VMs, Windows, Linux, and SQL servers. Define your own SLA policies by selecting the desired snapshot frequency and duration. Then sit back and relax as the engine automates execution of data protection for instant on- and off-site recovery.



Granular Protection
We’re providing granular folder and file protection inside Windows via filesets. A fileset lets you protect any set of files/folders using easy-to-define rules and can be protected with Rubrik’s standard SLA policy engine. For added flexibility, filesets can also be applied to multiple clients, and a client can have multiple filesets.

Google-like Search
All backups are indexed and searchable in the same way as VM-level and Linux backups. Instantly locate backed-up files across all snapshots via global predictive search that delivers suggested results as you type.

End User Restore Using RBAC
Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) allows the end user, such as a helpdesk user, to restore files/folders to specific hosts.

There are three recovery options available to users:

  • Restore the folder or file to the original server.
  • Export the folder or file to another Windows Server with the Rubrik Backup Service running.
  • Download the folder or file locally to the machine from which you are running the Rubrik web UI.

When restoring and exporting, Rubrik preserves timestamps and ACLs.

In addition to these listed benefits, our incremental forever approach helps lower TCOs and increases storage efficiencies. And with Rubrik Envision, obtain actionable insights from data visualization of platform analytics — including for physical Windows servers.

Version 3.1 of Rubrik Cloud Data Management extends our easy-to-use experience to more physical environments. But as we rapidly grow our support for the platforms enterprises rely on most, we are careful to maintain the simplicity that our customers love.

Want to learn more? Register for our March 23rd webinar on Rubrik physical support for Windows servers.

Also check out our Rubrik for Physical Environments data sheet.