There’s been a lot of buzz around the recent launch of version 3.1 of Rubrik Cloud Data Management. As our 7th product release, this version introduces a variety of rich new features to our platform that help make data management even more comprehensive. In previous posts, we discussed Rubrik Envision, which delivers visual data for platform analytics, and support for physical Windows servers.

Version 3.1 also bolsters our security capabilities by adding software encryption for data at rest. The update is available on the r300 appliances, which ship with a built-in Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip. Rubrik already supports hardware-based encryption on r528 appliances. So, now customers can enable data-at-rest encryption across Rubrik appliances, as well as role-based access control, to protect their data.

Here are some of the key benefits our software encryption feature delivers:

Comprehensive Protection
We use AES 256-bit encryption to protect all of the data associated with your Rubrik cluster. We encrypt all files in Atlas, Rubrik’s cloud-scale file system. In addition, metadata, logs, and generated stats are encrypted.

Software encryption for data at rest is supported for the r300 appliance series. It is easily enabled at bootstrap and requires no user intervention thereafter. It uses an internal key manager that protects keys with a built-in TPM chip.

Context Aware
Our software encryption solution is context aware and uses different encryption methods based on the type of data. This enables us to optimize the performance of software encryption and limit its impact on your workloads.

Rubrik is built for managing cloud-scale data. Our software encryption solution is designed to scale to support your expanding data footprint, and it can achieve this without any material impact on performance.

Version 3.1 of Rubrik Cloud Data Management adds to our extensive portfolio of solutions for security-conscious industries, including government, legal, financial, and healthcare sectors. These and other industries must comply with unyielding data protection policies for classified, confidential, or personally identifiable information. With Rubrik, customers can sleep well knowing that their data is protected – even in the event of a breach.

To learn more, check out our data sheet: End-to-End Data Encryption.