At Rubrik, we have an obsessive focus on our customers. We’ve built a simple and elegant product to address our customers’ pain points in managing enterprise data. Today, we’re amplifying this objective by introducing Alta, Rubrik’s ninth and most significant product release. This release delivers more new features than any previous release to offer the complete enterprise data management solution.

Rubrik Alta provides instant application availability anytime, anywhere regardless of infrastructure. With Rubrik Alta, customers can:

Protect and manage any environment – virtual, physical, or cloud.
Rubrik Alta encompasses all major hypervisors by introducing integration with Microsoft Hyper-V and Nutanix AHV. This expands the simplicity and elegance of Rubrik’s solution to key physical and virtualized environments in enterprise data centers — all within a unified user experience. Customers can now orchestrate application data across multi-hypervisors and cloud environments.

Automate protection and recovery of Oracle.
As the most used database, Oracle support has been an important ask from our customers. We value our customers’ feedback and are thrilled to extend Rubrik’s simplicity to backup Oracle workloads. Rubrik Alta adds this support by integrating with Oracle RMAN. Oracle database admins can continue to use their preferred tools while benefiting from policy-based management for replication, archival, and compliance reporting. DBAs can also leverage Rubrik’s rapid multi-stream backups to minimize impact to production and their existing workflows.

Deliver instantaneous recovery for Microsoft SQL Server.
Rubrik Alta features groundbreaking innovation with new live mount recovery capabilities for physical SQL, providing simple recovery and near-zero RTOs. For the first time, enterprises can power on SQL Server directly on Rubrik to any point in time providing instant access to data without moving data. Rubrik can also deliver self-service access with a powerful suite of APIs to automate workflows. We are excited to bring this functionality to our SQL Server DBA customers.

CloudOn to recover and instantiate applications and data, from data center-to-Cloud.
Rubrik Alta extends our cloud-forward architecture with new CloudOn instantiation services. Now enterprises that protect and manage VMs can use Alta’s new CloudOn services to power-on applications in AWS, utilizing Alta’s intelligent AMI configuration and translation services. This new feature provides enhanced application mobility and a flexible, cost-effective solution for disaster recovery, test/dev, and analytics use cases.

As enterprises migrate applications to the cloud, the need for a cloud-scale application data management platform becomes paramount to protect and manage data, independent of the original infrastructure. Helping our customers simplify their infrastructures, ensure high performance, and further their self-service is what drives us to keep innovating every day.