As enterprises continue to search for ways to leverage and unlock new value from their data, IT teams face a new set of challenges. A surge in data silos, data growth, and multiple protection tools have increased complexity and risk for data protection. With time-consuming management and costly maintenance, legacy backup and recovery solutions can be roadblocks for IT teams to ensure agility and business continuity. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce Rubrik Andes 5.2, which helps enterprises modernize data protection and management across on-prem, edge, and cloud environments. Our newest enhancements and features help customers improve performance, and facilitate security and compliance while minimizing complexity at enterprise scale.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new in Rubrik Andes 5.2:

Blazingly Fast VMware performance

Rubrik Andes 5.2 introduces VMware multi-node data streaming, improving backup speed by up to 5x for large, multi-terabyte VMs. For VMware vSphere, our latest enhancements improve backup and restore speed by up to 3x for any size VM. Now resilient to network glitches, Rubrik helps ensure your VMware backup or recovery is completed faster than ever with embedded resiliency. The release also introduces the ability to restore from an archived VMware VM to any VMware VM. 

Flexible Recovery Options for Oracle DBAs

New enhancements for Oracle databases provide even more power and flexibility for DBAs. Advanced Cloning Options help improve development cycle time by creating database test/dev clones to dissimilar hosts, disk groups, or memory configurations. To help eliminate the time-consuming task of manually applying logs to a restore operation, roll-forward recovery enables DBAs to recover a damaged database to the most recent state before the failure occurred.

DBAs also have the ability to control the behavior of Archive Logs after successful log backups. Customers can now choose to delay the deletion of the archive logs or simply retain the logs on the host forever. This provides the flexibility to use the archive logs for other use cases such as supporting a standby server.

In addition, Microsoft SQL Server DBAs can now download the snapshots and transaction log files that comprise a backup, enabling third-party application use cases such as an audit.

Streamlined IT and Compliance

Enhanced role-based access lets customers tailor access to the Rubrik administration console to their specific needs. New standard predefined roles can save time and meet popular requirements for infrastructure management, data protection, and audit functions. Rubrik also delivers new retention capabilities to further harmonize IT needs with those of legal and compliance teams. For example, snapshots can be put on indefinite hold to support legal hold and regulatory compliance. New flexible data retention capabilities empower customers to avoid applying changes to existing snapshots when anything in an SLA domain is edited or re-assigned. 

Rubrik administrators can now easily see if an object has been protected consistently with its SLA. Out-of-compliance exceptions can be quickly identified and remediated to assure everything is always protected to its SLA.

Support for multiple replication targets can assist with compliance requirements to keep backup data in multiple locations. New enhanced integrity checks add extra validation to ensure maximum data integrity for archived snapshots.

Game-changing Management Gets Better

New installer and upgrade features simplify platform installations and make software upgrades more robust. Integrated certificate management means teams spend less time managing the security of the system components with one central location to manage all certificates.

SNMPv3 support enhances security and helps improve manageability, and admins can now understand the indexing status of objects across the entire Rubrik environment to help ensure search capability within those objects. Additionally, Rubrik encryption when backing up to an NFS target is now optional so you can leverage the native deduplication capability of your NFS storage device.

This is just a glimpse at what’s new in Rubrik Andes 5.2. You can get a full view into what’s new here, and stay tuned for more deep dives on our latest enhancements.