Rubrik is thrilled to share a new integration with ServiceNow, increasing the protection of digital services by allowing joint customers to automatically discover, classify, and map Rubrik protection with ServiceNow ITOM Visibility.

Let’s take a look at why this is so important for your business.

The Need for Visibility

Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is a central component to delivering digital services for all organizations. CMDBs allow organizations to identify what assets they have, understand how they are connected, track system configurations over time, and store these details as Configuration Items (CIs).

In order for businesses to get the most out of their CMDBs, it’s important to ensure they are consistently: 

  • Complete - the CMDB should include every configuration item (CI) in the scope of management. Each CI should also have as much useful information as possible including their relationships to other CIs. 

  • Up-to-Date - data in the CMDB should be up-to-date to provide as accurate a picture as possible from the data it stores.

  • Correct - the data must be correct. If the data in the CMDB is not correct, decision-making based on the data stored within is potentially flawed.

Traditionally, ensuring complete, correct, and timely data on CIs in a CMDB can be challenging, and can become a full-time job to create and maintain. Automation is key to making this simple, and the ability to have an autonomous system creating and updating CIs is the answer to making the creation and maintenance of the CMDB scalable and reliable.

The ServiceNow Now Platform® includes a pre-built CMDB, which allows organizations to either create CIs manually or, preferably, use automation to keep data up to date. ServiceNow® CMDB is extensible, allowing organizations to add additional information - CI classes, relationships, and more - tailored specifically to their requirements. Through the ITOM Visibility product, ServiceNow provides a best-in-class automated, scalable way of cataloging assets and infrastructure across hybrid-cloud environments.

Rubrik CDM + ServiceNow CMDB for a Complete, Accurate, and Up-to-Date View of Your Data Protection

We have teamed up with ServiceNow to include Discovery Patterns in ServiceNow ITOM Visibility to enable joint customers the ability to automate the discovery of their Rubrik Cloud Data Management (CDM) environment. Through service discovery, ServiceNow and Rubrik customers will be able to generate relationships that link Rubrik’s protection to customer workloads. 

These Discovery Patterns provide an ‘easy button’ for ServiceNow and Rubrik customers to further assist with having their CMDB meet the complete, correct, up-to-date goal, enabling customers in the following areas:

  • Change Management - identify which CIs may be impacted through a planned change, easily confirm that these CIs are protected, and therefore can be easily be recovered the case that the change fails.

  • Incident Management - understand the protection configuration for a CI in the case that it fails, and what it means for your organization’s ability to restore service.

  • Reporting and Visibility - enable application owners to easily identify that their applications are correctly protected and how their protection is configured.

“Visibility to Rubrik data in the ServiceNow Now Platform using ITOM Visibility solution enables powerful workflows,” says Sree Subramaniam, Director of Product Management, ITOM at ServiceNow. “Strategic collaboration with Rubrik allows us to advance our shared goal of helping enterprises navigate the cloud transformation journey. ITOM Visibility capabilities like multi-cloud visibility combined with Rubrik datasets assign modern cloud customers in addressing blind spots with IT Service Management.”

In the future, customers can expect our partnership to further broaden the scope of this integration, including further reporting details from Rubrik CDM, as well as expanding into protection offered through Rubrik’s Polaris SaaS management platform.

Learn More

To learn more about the ServiceNow Discovery Patterns for Rubrik CDM, come join our joint-webinar on Tuesday, March 25th to see this new capability first hand and to learn what it can mean for your business.

You can also read more on our website, or by downloading this white paper. The application is also publicly available for download from the ServiceNow Store