One way to introduce simplification is to connect complementary products, similar to how a bartender pairs the right ingredients to make a great cocktail. In essence, combining multiple good parts to create something better together. 

 As a technical business leader, you’re no stranger to managing record amounts of data generated by hundreds of applications. This creates a collection of unique data storage, backup, recovery, and data security solutions, that often create incongruencies and additional manual work to layer the right tools together and align your data protection strategy.

Because of this reality, enterprises are looking to NetApp and Rubrik to help them find a more efficient way to manage their hybrid and multi-cloud IT environments.

Speed up backups with SnapDiff integration

Backups traditionally consist of one massive backup and then a series of follow-up backups carried out incrementally. Even though incremental backups are more efficient than repeated mass backups, they still take a significant amount of time depending on your Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

If you’re a large organization in financial services or e-commerce, your RPO is close to real-time, making these incremental backups both essential and time-intensive processes.

NetApp’s SnapDiff engine takes a snapshot of a file system, generates a list of differences between the base snapshot and the snapshot triggered during backup, and then creates a backup of the difference. This is faster than the traditional scanning method used for creating incremental backups. NetApp's SnapDiff engine leverages file system snapshots to compare differences for incremental backups, and provides the change list via API, allowing for dramatically faster incremental backups due to reduced scan times. In some cases we've seen this result in scan times lowered to just minutes, making business-critical RPO's achievable on large unstructured datasets.

Rubrik has a unique integration with the SnapDiff API. This allows customers to take advantage of the efficiencies offered by SnapDiff-powered incremental backups and the accessibility offered by Rubrik’s powerful, user-friendly data management platform. In short, your organization benefits from significant time savings and can have confidence that your business can get back up and running quickly.

Lower time needed for data retrieval

More organizations are adopting hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Your company may access and store data on-premises or in the cloud. Your cloud data may be stored across multiple cloud vendors. This introduces latency when retrieving data, which impacts your company’s ability to consolidate, analyze, and operationalize data.

An integrated Rubrik and NetApp solution supports hybrid and multi-cloud data orchestration using an API-enabled and policy-driven engine. Your system can retrieve data from multiple sources and make the best use of it without frustrating delays.

Enhance data governance, security, and compliance capabilities

One of the biggest challenges of data governance is gaining visibility over all the data in an organization. Without 100 percent visibility over your data, it’s hard to say with certainty that your organization complies with data regulations and is appropriately protecting its customers.

By pairing NetApp products with Rubrik’s platform, your enterprise can embrace the hybrid, multi-cloud storage products offered by NetApp while also gaining visibility over your enterprise data with Rubrik’s platform. Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management solution (CDM) also makes it easy to set policies to automate aspects of compliance management of your enterprise data throughout the data lifecycle.

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