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Rubrik -  - Rubrik Archive Consolidation for Lower RTOs and Storage Costs


Rubrik Archive Consolidation for Lower RTOs and Storage Costs

Most IT admins prefer incremental backups to full ones, as they reduce backup windows, storage costs, and unnecessary redundancy. However, incremental backups can be tricky to manage, particularly as admins look to safely expire snapshots past their retention date. Since incremental snapshots are incremental relative to previous backups, they form “snapshot chains” that increase in length until the next full backup is taken. As incremental snapshot chains grow, they become slower to recover and costlier to store. With legacy data protection systems, keeping snapshot chains short requires periodic full backups, which are inefficient and costly and can impact SLA compliance.  Challenges of Shortening Snapshot Chains With the legacy approach, an incremental snapshot could be past its expiration date but forbidden from expiring if there are newer incrementals in the chain that require it for recovery. When recovering from an incremental snapshot, the recovery aggregates the data of that incremental with all previous incrementals in the chain, plus the first full snapshot, which anchors the chain. As a result, the chain cannot expire until every snapshot in the chain has expired. This method requires chains to grow increasingly long, which in turn enforces higher RTOs and storage costs. Simplified Archive Management…
Rubrik -  - Focusing on our Strengths: Rubrik & QStar


Focusing on our Strengths: Rubrik & QStar

Tape?! Yes, tape. Rubrik has long supported native cloud integration for long-term archive for similar economics to tape with more flexibility and reliability. But for some customers, archiving to tape is an unavoidable legal or compliance requirement. This is particularly the case for customers across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia in finance, energy, defense, media, and more. As we listened to our customers, we discovered that they needed tape support but also wanted many more “forward-looking” features — additional cloud capabilities, data portability, analytics, and more. However, in some ways, development is a zero-sum game; time spent on one feature by definition is not available for other features. When you look at tape support, it’s not simple due to a multiplicity of tape libraries, drives, and related drivers – tape has been around for 30+ years after all. To solve this conundrum, Rubrik partnered with a company that has made handling tape drives and tape libraries a competitive strength – QStar. Starting with version 4.0 and later, Rubrik natively integrates with QStar Archive Manager to provide tape archiving. QStar exposes a tape library via SMB from a Windows server, handles the proprietary drivers required to interface with tape libraries, and…
Rubrik -  - CAN Capital Replaces Legacy Architecture with a Modern Approach to Data Management


CAN Capital Replaces Legacy Architecture with a Modern Approach to Data Management

Aileen Wyer, VP of Technical Support, and Maruf Rahman, Senior System Administrator, recently sat down with us to discuss how our partnership helped to modernize CAN Capital’s legacy backup infrastructure to simplify data management. Tell me about CAN Capital and your role. Aileen: CAN Capital has been providing access to working capital to small businesses for over 18 years. I have been with the company for 10 years. In 2016, I moved into tech support and infrastructure management. Our environment at CAN Capital is mostly virtualized with 120 VMs. We have also begun virtualizing our physical servers. We are a small team with only one person dedicated to systems. Having a simple, easy-to-use system is very important to us to reduce the time spent on backup and recovery. Why were you investigating a new solution for backup and recovery? Aileen: One of the first things I noticed when moving into this new role is that we had a lot of legacy systems. A big concern was the lack of backups in production. We had a solution that was extremely expensive and could not backup everything we backup now. We were just backing up systems that were crucial instead of all…
Rubrik -  - Galliker Transport Leverages Rubrik to Keep Up the Pace of Innovation and Scale


Galliker Transport Leverages Rubrik to Keep Up the Pace of Innovation and Scale

Galliker Transport AG, based in Altishofen, Switzerland, provides logistic services internationally for a wide range of products: cars, cargo, food, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and flowers. It offers temperature controlled transportation services, as well as warehousing and value-added services. Its large customer base consists of medium-large enterprises across industries, including BMW, Mercedes, Tesla, Nestle, and B. Braun Medical. André Dousse, Team Leader of IT infrastructure at Galliker Transport, explains how Rubrik helps them keep up the pace with their growing industry. How has your industry evolved in the last few years, and what is the role of IT? 15 years ago, when I entered this sector, daily business was done with fax and telephone. Today, everything is IT driven. If an order goes in today and goods have to be delivered tomorrow morning, our IT has to be faster and more reliable. This is especially important for our industry because logistic companies highly benefit from being dynamic. Virtual data centers help us keep up with this need. All our mission-critical data is hosted on our virtualized platform. What were your challenges with backup? With our previous solution, we spent a lot of time just managing our backups. We had to check backups…
Rubrik -  - Introducing Crystal, Rubrik’s Intuitive User Interface


Introducing Crystal, Rubrik’s Intuitive User Interface

Rubrik reinvented data management with the user in mind. By approaching data management from a user’s perspective, we’ve distilled a complex process into a click or swipe. Setup a policy to backup data from multiple sources with a user experience similar to an iPhone. Create a replication and archival schedule to public or private cloud in 30 seconds. Recover entire virtual machines, databases, and files instantly. This is end-to-end data management. Simplified. The Consumer Experience of Enterprise Crystal is Rubrik’s intuitive data management platform that makes all of the above scenarios a reality. It transforms complicated enterprise backup, disaster recovery, data archival, and copy data management workflows from a burden to a joy. One of the reasons we built Rubrik was to bring a consumer-grade experience to enterprise software. To provide the simplicity, easy of use, and pain free delight of popular consumer products, such as Facebook, Google, and Dropbox, we created a team composed of engineers from both consumer and enterprise, including the builders of Google Maps, Apple iOS, and Box.What is Crystal? What is Crystal? Crystal is composed of two principal components: the Crystal UI and Crystal REST API. The Crystal UI focuses on building products with usability…
Rubrik -  - Fortune 500 Consumer Retail Company Simplifies Data Protection with Rubrik


Fortune 500 Consumer Retail Company Simplifies Data Protection with Rubrik

At VMworld 2016, I sat down with one of our customers at a Fortune 500 consumer retail company to discuss how they are using Rubrik and the benefits they have seen. As a result, they have wiped out management complexity for their backup and recovery environment and created a plan to expand their global footprint. What type of backup challenges were you experiencing? Our team was looking to simplify backup and recovery. We were previously using multiple solutions and were frustrated by the time needed to train employees let alone recover data. It just wasn’t feasible, and we needed faster recovery times. Additionally, our previous solution was extremely expensive. We have two heavy data centers, and we were running out of runway in our remote locations as well as our local locations. To expand storage space within our former solution would have been very costly. What sold you on Rubrik? While we were evaluating other solutions, when we saw your product, it spoke for itself. That was the biggest thing. I don’t think anyone on our team could effectively know how to use our previous product. With Rubrik, I can take anyone off the street, and in less than hour,…
Rubrik -  - 3 Things to Know About Rubrik and Cloudian


3 Things to Know About Rubrik and Cloudian

Zero Setup, Instant Access, and Lower TCO With Rubrik, your data is always “on” even when it’s tucked away in an archive tier, such as public cloud storage, on-site object stores, and NFS. We’re excited to team up with Cloudian, provider of Amazon S3-compatible on-site object storage. Cloudian offers HyperStore, software that transforms commodity servers into scalable and fault tolerant object stores. Together, Rubrik and Cloudian simplify how enterprises manage backup and long-term data retention in hybrid cloud environments. A backup and archival strategy that stands strong in the face of unstoppable data growth and external/internal compliance regulations requires instant data accessibility, ease of scale, dead simple management, and economics that don’t break the company piggy bank. As you evaluate options to modernize backup and archival, here are three key things to know about Rubrik and Cloudian. Get started quickly. There’s no additional software installations or plugins necessary to connect Rubrik with Cloudian. Just set your target archival location to Cloudian. Define your archival policy in the same place where you define your backup policy. Move a slider to determine when data should be archived off the Brik (Rubrik appliance) and off you go. Get instant, intelligent access to data.…