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Rubrik -  - Need Linux Bare Metal Protection? Rubrik’s Got You Covered!


Need Linux Bare Metal Protection? Rubrik’s Got You Covered!

For many customers, Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) of Linux systems is a common use case for operations like disaster recovery and cloning since it allows a system to be completely restored from hardware with no operating system installed. With virtual machines (VMs), bare metal restores are easily accomplished by taking an image backup and restoring that image. However, for some systems, this is not possible. These include restoring to physical machines, VMs on hypervisors that do not support image-level backups, and cloud-based machines that need to be moved between clouds or back on-prem. BMR also avoids problems during recovery of finding the right operating system, patches, drivers, sizing and repartitioning disks. To address these limitations, Rubrik contributed to the open source project Relax and Recover (ReaR), a Linux bare metal recovery tool that can create a bootable ISO image from a Linux system. The integration with Rubrik CDM consists of including its RBS agent in the ISO image (step 1). The system being protected is backed up by Rubrik (step2). To restore, the recovery system is booted from the ReaR ISO image (steps 3 & 4). Rubrik CDM can be used to recover all or part of the Linux system…
Rubrik -  - Bare Metal Recovery: The Rubrik Way


Bare Metal Recovery: The Rubrik Way

While the rage of late has been a shift into more agile and efficient operating models based on DevOps principles, infrastructure-as-code, virtualization, and cloud, the reality is that organizations are still relying on physical on-premises infrastructures to provide services. For many organizations, these physical systems are hosting some of their most mission-critical applications, which means ensuring protection is a business necessity. However, physical servers also present some of the toughest challenges when it comes to data protection. Decoupling data from physical servers and providing an image level, or Bare Metal Recovery (BMR), restore process is much harder without the layer of abstraction hypervisors provide. Rubrik Andes 5.0 seeks to break down these abstraction challenges, providing end-to-end protection around physical Windows servers. Rubrik’s Road to Bare Metal Recovery At Rubrik, we designed our platform to be a unified solution that can protect data regardless of where it lives. We dipped our toes into physical data protection with our third product release,  which offered options for administrators to backup on a fileset level. While this functionality is great at providing support for dump-and-scrape backups or protecting a large set of user-created files, complete system recoveries led to lengthier RTOs. We addressed this…