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Rubrik -  - Right Product, Right Team, Right Time: Why I Joined Rubrik


Right Product, Right Team, Right Time: Why I Joined Rubrik

During my 25 years at Cisco, the key trait that helped us stay ahead of the competition was the ability to reimagine ourselves and spot market transitions long before others saw them coming. And in today’s digital world, those market transitions are happening faster and more frequently than ever before. From farming, to manufacturing, to customer engagement – everything that we know is changing right before our eyes. The byproduct of this digital revolution is that companies are now generating data at an exponential rate. In this new world, data is a company’s most valuable asset, after their employees, of course. But companies have relied on outdated legacy technology to manage and protect that data. The result, as you might expect, isn’t pretty—it’s a cumbersome, time-consuming process that stifles innovation and keeps companies from focusing on what really matters. Rubrik co-founder and CEO Bipul Sinha saw this market transition coming. In just four years, he’s built a company on a clear path to becoming a multibillion-dollar business and one of the world’s next great enterprise technology companies. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce today that I’ve joined the Rubrik team as both a board advisor and a personal investor. The…