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Rubrik -  - Sessions at FORWARD Digital Summit for Every Stage of Your Cloud Journey


Sessions at FORWARD Digital Summit for Every Stage of Your Cloud Journey

FORWARD Digital Summit, a fully-virtual experience on May 11, features a number of technical sessions from the cloud era’s boldest thinkers and technologists. As forward-thinking enterprises have moved to the cloud over the years, we find customers at various points in their journey –  from those balancing hundreds of workloads in complex, multi-cloud environments to those who are just now laying the groundwork for cloud mobility. No matter where you are in your multi-cloud journey, the FORWARD Digital Summit has a session for you: You: Curious about the first steps your organization can take to mobilize to the cloud The session: Workload Mobility from Zero to Any Cloud Customers can be overwhelmed with the complexity of workload mobility and migration – understanding networking requirements, workload dependencies, choosing hybrid or multi-cloud destinations, and deciding if applications should be refactored can often stall or drag out strategic cloud projects. In this session, Emad Younis, Staff Cloud Architect at VMware, will dive into how to create your workload mobility passport, key considerations when migrating workloads, and leveraging tooling. You: Trying to unify management across a hybrid or multi-cloud environment. The session: How to Use Rubrik to Protect All of Your Cloud Workloads [Register…
Rubrik -  - Rubrik Now Protects Cloud Apps Running in AWS and Azure

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Rubrik Now Protects Cloud Apps Running in AWS and Azure

Today, we’re excited to announce that Rubrik now delivers data protection (backup and recovery, replication and DR, archival, search, and more) for applications running in AWS and Azure. It’s easy to get started. Once you’re part of our Early Access program, we’ll provide the AMI/VHD directly to the AWS/Azure account for you to spin up on our recommended compute instances. With Rubrik, you can: Get up and running in minutes by deploying Rubrik as a software instance on AWS and Azure. Protect cloud applications, deliver inter- and intra-cloud replication (Azure to AWS, across AWS regions, across Azure regions), bi-directional replication between cloud and on-prem, cloud data archival, and more. Avoid cloud vendor lock-in by easily migrating data from public cloud to public cloud to optimize application service quality. Achieve unprecedented management simplicity by using the same consumer-grade HTML5 interface to manage applications on-premises, at the edge, and in the cloud. Start small and scale-out easily by growing the Rubrik cluster in lock-step with cloud data growth. All data is indexed and efficiently stored in a single, scale-out repository while providing data resiliency. Instantly locate and deliver application-consistent recoveries for data born in the cloud, including files, folders, filesets, VM, and…