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Rubrik -  - Flexible Data Retention Using Enhanced SLA Domains


Flexible Data Retention Using Enhanced SLA Domains

With Rubrik Andes 5.2, we are thrilled to announce two substantive advancements to SLA Domains that ensure IT and compliance are in harmony throughout the data lifecycle: flexible data retention and legal hold. SLA Domains are the fundamental building block of the Rubrik Cloud Data Management platform and empower customers to automate the entire data lifecycle, including backup, replication, archival, and continuous data protection. Flexible Data Retention Backup administrators typically use pre-defined SLA retention policies for different object types that may vary depending on the  workload and if the objects need to be archived or replicated. Oftentimes, admins  need to change the retention policies of certain object types to meet new requirements from different lines of business, optimize storage consumption of servers that are decommissioned, or discontinue archival and replication of certain objects. When speaking with our customers, many stressed the importance of being  able to change retention policies without impacting the retention of existing snapshots. To address these needs, Rubrik Andes 5.2 provides the flexibility to avoid applying changes to existing snapshots anytime an SLA is edited or re-assigned.  Here’s a rundown of how flexible data retention works: The calendar view across all objects also provides granular visibility into…