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Rubrik -  - Need Linux Bare Metal Protection? Rubrik’s Got You Covered!


Need Linux Bare Metal Protection? Rubrik’s Got You Covered!

For many customers, Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) of Linux systems is a common use case for operations like disaster recovery and cloning since it allows a system to be completely restored from hardware with no operating system installed. With virtual machines (VMs), bare metal restores are easily accomplished by taking an image backup and restoring that image. However, for some systems, this is not possible. These include restoring to physical machines, VMs on hypervisors that do not support image-level backups, and cloud-based machines that need to be moved between clouds or back on-prem. BMR also avoids problems during recovery of finding the right operating system, patches, drivers, sizing and repartitioning disks. To address these limitations, Rubrik contributed to the open source project Relax and Recover (ReaR), a Linux bare metal recovery tool that can create a bootable ISO image from a Linux system. The integration with Rubrik CDM consists of including its RBS agent in the ISO image (step 1). The system being protected is backed up by Rubrik (step2). To restore, the recovery system is booted from the ReaR ISO image (steps 3 & 4). Rubrik CDM can be used to recover all or part of the Linux system…
Rubrik -  - Rubrik Protects UNIX: AIX First in Line


Rubrik Protects UNIX: AIX First in Line

From the outset, Rubrik has focused on being a one-stop solution for all enterprise data management needs. In a short time, we have expanded our footprint to support over 20 platforms and workloads that are business-critical for our customers. Some of the best feedback we hear is from  backup admins who can sleep peacefully knowing that their data is automatically being protected and meeting SLAs. In the past three years, we have breezed through a lap of supporting modern enterprise workloads – major virtualization systems (VMware, Hyper-V, AHV), physical hosts (Linux, Windows) and databases (Oracle, SQL Server). But when speaking with our customers, we found that many enterprise users want Rubrik-level simplicity for their legacy workloads that are still the workhorses for their mission-critical production systems. A significant number of our government, finance, and insurance customers run UNIX systems for deploying databases and applications that form the core backbone of their computing infrastructure. These customers are forced to use legacy backup vendors who are known for their complexity. Most new-age data management solutions have chosen to ignore these legacy workloads despite their towering importance to enterprises. Rubrik, whose DNA is rooted in its  customer obsession, has decided to take the…
Rubrik -  - Universal Filesets: The Best Way to Protect Large Workloads

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Universal Filesets: The Best Way to Protect Large Workloads

As data continues to grow, supporting millions of files or more creates an increasing strain on backup and recovery environments. Traditional methods of backing up large data volumes can frequently consume precious server CPU and memory to the point of degraded application performance. At the point where application owners or internal customers cannot complete critical business tasks due to performance degradation, the data protection process can cause a negative financial impact. For example, a periodic traditional full backup may run for several hours, even during your entire production window, unable to capture a few critical files out of millions on your system. You may only need to recover a single file; the traditional backup application may not have protected it due to the inefficiencies of playing catch up from traversing large datasets. Rubrik filesets deliver flexibility yet simplicity by empowering backup administrators with the granular ability to create logical sets of files and folders to include or exclude from protection. Whether you are maintaining Windows / Linux hosts or NAS shares, Rubrik filesets provide a simple and effective method to protect and recover at scale. Rubrik’s focus on incremental-forever plus universal fileset technology offers granular control, allowing a subset of…
Rubrik -  - Let’s Get Physical – Cloud Data Management for Physical Workloads


Let’s Get Physical – Cloud Data Management for Physical Workloads

Rubrik Cloud Data Management pioneered a complete platform to deliver mission critical data management functions to hybrid cloud enterprises. With our Rubrik Firefly release, our platform extended data management from virtual to physical workloads. The Rubrik platform radically simplifies Microsoft SQL and Physical Linux protection by enabling instant access, policy-driven automation, and security and compliance for your physical environment. Rubrik provides a comprehensive data management solution for physical, including backup, replication, recovery, and data archival. With a single pane of glass, manage both virtual and physical workloads in one consumer-grade interface. As a result, the user can define both virtual and physical SLA policies in one place. The simplicity of Rubrik extends from the UI to the deployment and scalability. Just as with your virtual infrastructure, start small and linearly scale with no limitations. Some of the key benefits include: Automated database or host discovery: Save time with a simple search and setup for backup. Once the user enters the credentials for its physical environment, Rubrik auto-discovers details of the entire physical environments, such as hosts and applications. Easily search, select, and add hosts for backup through Rubrik APIs. Granular Protection: Rubrik offers protection down to a folder or file…
Rubrik -  - Getting Physical: Rubrik Announces Support for Physical Linux


Getting Physical: Rubrik Announces Support for Physical Linux

Today, at Day 2 of Pure//Accelerate, we’re excited to announce support of physical Linux on the Rubrik Converged Data Management platform! Over the last few months, our enterprise customers have asked us to extend our next-gen platform to protect physical Linux servers. This broadens the set of virtual and physical data sources supported on Rubrik. Earlier in February, we announced support for physical SQL to be released in 2016. You can check out the physical SQL demo originally shown at Tech Field Day 10 here. This product announcement allows us to deliver a set of unique benefits to file servers, web servers, database servers, and legacy Linux apps, including: Policy Automation: You can manage physical infrastructure through our dead-simple SLA policy engine. Just specify the retention and frequency required for data protection and whether replication and/or archival should be enabled. You craft the policy and the engine automates execution of data protection for instant on- and off-site recovery. Distributed Savings and Efficiencies: Rubrik is designed as a distributed architecture that linearly scales, with no limitations. Since the system is a single namespace, data services like deduplication and compression scale in-line with cluster size. Instant Data Access: Rubrik gives you near-zero…