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Rubrik -  - Rubrik Named to LinkedIn Top Startups List


Rubrik Named to LinkedIn Top Startups List

Today, we are thrilled to be named to the 2020 LinkedIn Top Startups list, which recognizes the 50 most sought-after companies to work for in the U.S. The list is determined by the actions of over 170 million LinkedIn users and focuses on factors such as employee growth, company and employee engagement, job seeker interest, and the ability to attract top talent. This marks the fourth year in a row that Rubrik has been included on the LinkedIn Top Startups list and reflects our commitment to building an open, rewarding corporate culture. Despite all the challenges this year presented, we’re grateful that the team has come together to successfully transition and support each other. Our goal is to ensure that a sense of community is still front and center by offering open board meetings, learning opportunities, charity events, and more. Even in this remote, distributed environment, we’ve extended our efforts to build Rubrik as a place that excites and challenges all of our employees. Here are some of the biggest highlights: Employee Empowerment: Now more than ever, it is important for teams to stay connected and feel a sense of purpose and belonging. One of the biggest contributions has been…
Rubrik -  - How ERGs Can Ease the Transition from New Grad to Working Professional


How ERGs Can Ease the Transition from New Grad to Working Professional

As a recent college graduate, I often find myself comparing life as a student to life as a working professional. In college, there were endless opportunities to connect with other students outside of class—from campus clubs and Greek activities to intramural sports. These opportunities allowed me to master new skills, experiment with different activities, and advance my learning.  Like many universities, Rubrik’s culture also emphasizes the importance of connecting with peers, which is why folks across the globe have started Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Entirely employee-run, ERGs create a collective voice within the company around shared issues that help promote an inclusive, respectful workplace. This environment is especially important for employees new to the workforce who are still trying to learn the ropes of a corporate company.  At Rubrik, we currently have three ERGs: ARC (LGBTQIA+), Adelante! (LatinX), and W@R (Women at Rubrik). Each ERG is organized and led solely by employees—and they’re open to all. Every Rubrik employee is encouraged to join or initiate a new ERG, no matter their passion.  I joined W@R a few months into starting my job. W@R’s mission is to provide a platform committed to fostering diversity, accelerating career growth, and building community within…
Rubrik -  - Rubrik Named to LinkedIn Top Companies List Second Year Running


Rubrik Named to LinkedIn Top Companies List Second Year Running

Today, LinkedIn has announced its 2018 Top Startups list, and we’re excited to be featured as #10 among many other innovative companies. The list highlights the 50 most sought-after startups to work for based on data from the LinkedIn community, focusing on four core areas: employment growth, engagement, job interest, and attraction of top talent. This achievement comes at time when Rubrik is experiencing unprecedented growth. In just four years, we’ve exploded to over 1,200 employees across 30 countries. We also recently added two industry veterans to our ranks, with John W. Thompson, Chairman of Microsoft, joining as a member of the board and John Chambers, Chairman Emeritus of  Cisco, as a board advisor. But even amidst this growth, we’re committed to staying true to our core values and empowering employees to do their life’s best work. Here are some ways Rubrik is redefining company culture: Building Game-Changing Technology At Rubrik, we know that engineers want to be challenged and build new technologies that solve big problems. This year, we launched Rubrik Polaris, the industry’s first SaaS platform for data management applications. In July, we released the Polaris app Radar, which leverages machine learning to detect and analyze security threats…
Rubrik -  - Introducing Rubrik’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program


Introducing Rubrik’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program

At Rubrik, we’re committed to building a culture that empowers employees both in the workplace and beyond. We saw firsthand the benefits of giving back last year at VMworld, where we raised $15,000 for the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation. It was clear that this cause had a significant impact on employee morale and the community, and it inspired us to find a way to build philanthropy into our core values. Today, we’re excited to launch Rubrik Beyond Work (RBW), our official Corporate Social Responsibility Program. As part of this program, Rubrik will devote 1% of employee time annually to giving back. The goal is to extend our core business values to communities in need and enact positive, lasting change. Guided by Rubrik’s company values–Relentlessness, Integrity, Velocity, Excellence, and Transparency (RIVET)–we pledge to invest our people, time, and resources in activities that benefit society at large. These are the foundational goals of RBW: Make giving back a priority. Amidst our rapid growth, we are reinforcing a spirit of engagement and empathy into our institutional framework. Do our life’s best work. Rubrik is young, but we move quickly and with purpose. To fully live up to our value of “excellence,” we must…