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Rubrik -  - LKAB Avoids Millions in Downtime & Drives Operational Efficiency with Rubrik


LKAB Avoids Millions in Downtime & Drives Operational Efficiency with Rubrik

Rubrik is honored to have received the Best Data Security and Data Protection award at VMworld 2019, marking our eighth VMworld award in just four years. This win was in partnership with our customer LKAB, a leading Swedish mining company, and recognizes the automation, increased efficiency, and significant business value they achieved with Rubrik Edge. Winners of the award were selected “based on the business benefits, levels of innovation and best practice their projects demonstrated.” Enabling our customers to tackle the toughest enterprise data management challenges and unlock new value from their data is what drives us. That’s why, in celebration of our Best of VMworld award, I want to share LKAB’s story and the business benefits they’ve realized by deploying Rubrik.  Modern Data Management for Modern Operations LKAB is a state-owned mining company that produced 26.9 Mt of iron ore products in 2018 with ambitious plans to increase production by 5% per year through 2021. Due to the modern technology and high cost of running their mines, IT is a crucial component of their operations and supports business-critical applications, as well as their entire global employee base.  As Robert Pohjanen, IT Architect at LKAB, explains, “Our small IT department…
Rubrik -  - In the Eye of the Beholder: Rubrik Alta 4.2


In the Eye of the Beholder: Rubrik Alta 4.2

In any new release, there are the major features–the items you mention when asked for a 30-second version of “what’s new.” Rubrik Alta 4.2 is no exception, and we’ve talked a lot about the high-level themes and larger features. Perhaps it’s my IT Operations background, but while I get excited about the banner features, I also find the “smaller” items fascinating. I still remember reading release notes as a customer and seeing a feature or feature improvement that, while minor to many, was hugely impactful and an indication of development maturity. If developer cycles aren’t also put towards improvement to existing features or “minor additions,” that’s not healthy and is especially challenging for current customers. Given that, I’d like to take a few minutes to focus on a few less notable, but still important, 4.2 features. Let’s call them “In the Eye of the Beholder” features. Edge on AHV & Hyper-V I’ve spent a lot of time with customers who have extensive Remote Office / Branch Office (ROBO) architectures. Backup and recovery in these environments can be painful–lack of physical space, tape rotation, budget challenges, performance, and more. While Rubrik in the data center traditionally has a 3 or 4 node minimum,…
Rubrik -  - Stora Enso Leverages Rubrik Edge for Simple Data Management Across All Environments


Stora Enso Leverages Rubrik Edge for Simple Data Management Across All Environments

Stora Enso, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, is a leading provider of renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wooden constructions, and paper on global markets. Benny T’Jaeckx, IT System Engineer at Stora Enso, discusses how his team leverages Rubrik at the company’s mill in Langerbrugge, Ghent for policy-driven management across all environments. Tell me about Stora Enso Langerbrugge and your role. Stora Enso Langerbrugge is a leading sustainable newsprint and magazine paper manufacturer that produces 540,000 tons of paper annually. My team supports five sales offices and three production units across the UK, Belgium, and France. So, we need a reliable data management solution for both our local and remote offices. Our environment consists of 189 VMs, as well as several physical SQL servers. Since we support eight locations across three countries, it is imperative that we have visibility into all our data and speed of recovery to ensure operational continuity across all our environments. What challenges were you facing with your previous solution? The biggest problem we faced was our lack of a data management solution for our remote environments. We have over seven remote offices and were previously relying on tape for backups. This manual process was complex, time-consuming, and…
Rubrik -  - Davies Law Firm Eliminates High Costs and On-Ramps to Public Cloud


Davies Law Firm Eliminates High Costs and On-Ramps to Public Cloud

Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP is an international law firm that handles some of the largest and most complex commercial and financial matters. Evans Vogas, Network Operations Analyst, at Davies discusses how the company revamped their infrastructure to reduce costs, streamline their IT, and move to public cloud. How does IT impact your business? Our lawyers are very client focused. That means our IT infrastructure must be reliably available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If there is catastrophic failure, they need to recover quickly. With Rubrik, we can ensure that. Secondly, we are working on our ISO 27001 certification, which mandates procedures, especially related to disaster recovery. With Rubrik, we can accommodate some of those policies. With encryption at rest, we can protect sensitive data. Tell me about your environment We have 600 employees across three offices in Toronto, Montréal, and New York. Our environment consists of approximately 500 VMs and is 97% virtualized. We are protecting 38 TB of data with Rubrik. What challenges were you experiencing with your legacy solution? Our previous backup solution was no longer meeting our SLAs. As our data storage grew, backups were taking longer than the allocated backup window.…
Rubrik -  - Galliker Transport Leverages Rubrik to Keep Up the Pace of Innovation and Scale


Galliker Transport Leverages Rubrik to Keep Up the Pace of Innovation and Scale

Galliker Transport AG, based in Altishofen, Switzerland, provides logistic services internationally for a wide range of products: cars, cargo, food, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and flowers. It offers temperature controlled transportation services, as well as warehousing and value-added services. Its large customer base consists of medium-large enterprises across industries, including BMW, Mercedes, Tesla, Nestle, and B. Braun Medical. André Dousse, Team Leader of IT infrastructure at Galliker Transport, explains how Rubrik helps them keep up the pace with their growing industry. How has your industry evolved in the last few years, and what is the role of IT? 15 years ago, when I entered this sector, daily business was done with fax and telephone. Today, everything is IT driven. If an order goes in today and goods have to be delivered tomorrow morning, our IT has to be faster and more reliable. This is especially important for our industry because logistic companies highly benefit from being dynamic. Virtual data centers help us keep up with this need. All our mission-critical data is hosted on our virtualized platform. What were your challenges with backup? With our previous solution, we spent a lot of time just managing our backups. We had to check backups…