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Rubrik -  - How to Create the Next Generation of Design Systems


How to Create the Next Generation of Design Systems

For decades, brands have used design systems to help create an identity and unify separate solutions and messaging within a product portfolio. We can see it in everything from cars, product design and, of course, user interfaces. This blog post will walk through how we recently approached modernizing our design system to dramatically accelerate development while tackling the scaling challenges we encountered as our product portfolio expanded. Design systems, or the collection of components, building blocks, and elements used to define the visual language and rules of engagement with a product, have matured significantly in recent years. Now, they offer a granular-level of detail for every element of the design–color, components, key screens, states, and more.  As a result, design system sticker sheets and style guides are often lengthy and overloaded with detail, causing multiple problems:  design consistency is difficult to maintain as teams and product portfolios scale. designers spend too much time navigating documentation.  At Rubrik, we experienced these challenges firsthand and brought forth the question: how can designers create their design with minimum effort while also aligning with the design system?  To solve this problem, we decided to overhaul our entire design system and create an interactive working file.…