Rubrik APIs make it easy to interact, extract data, and build custom workflows. To empower our customers and make it even simpler to interact with our platform, SDKs for Go and Python have recently been made available.

We’re excited to extend Rubrik’s focus on APIs with our updated PowerShell module. The PowerShell module contains a set of functions and cmdlets that can be used to connect to the Rubrik platform. Simplify your interactions with the Rubrik API by using the grouping, formatting, and pipelining features of the PowerShell language. Whether you want to get information about the backup status of your newly created workloads or build a fully automated workflow, the Rubrik PowerShell module is a powerful tool.

PowerShell Core, the most recent release of PowerShell, makes PowerShell compatible with not only Windows PowerShell, but also platforms such as MacOS and Linux. The new update of the Rubrik PowerShell module gives you the ability to run scripts created on your platform of choice, allowing you to leverage the power of PowerShell and Rubrik from any device and on any supported operating system.

To get started with this module, you will need to have PowerShell installed (available as a free download here). Not to mention, Windows PowerShell is included with all recent releases of Windows or Windows Server. PowerShell Core is available on any platform as an optional download. Once you have PowerShell installed, you get the Rubrik PowerShell module by typing in the following command:

Install-Module Rubrik

This downloads and installs the module to the default PowerShell module path and will make the module available for all users on the system. You can also install it in a different location or to only make it available to the current user. To connect to a Rubrik cluster, simply type the following two commands:

$Cred = Get-Credential

Connect-Rubrik -Server x.x.x.x -Credential $Cred

Once connected, a token will be stored, and you will be able to interact with Rubrik using one of more than fifty commands that are available in the module. Can’t find what you are looking for or the command you want is not there yet? You can help us by posting your feedback and suggestions in our Github repository contributing to the PowerShell module.

Want to dive deeper into the power of Rubrik and PowerShell? Watch this on-demand webinar.


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