What’s cooler than the ability to recover from cyber attacks before your popsicle melts?

Attend a Cloud Summer Demo Day to learn how Rubrik seamlessly integrates with the leading cloud providers like Azure and AWS to provide data resilience, data observability, and data remediation across cloud, SaaS and on premises.  

The Summer Lineup

Whether you’re looking for a beginners guide to Rubrik’s capabilities in the cloud, or a technical deep dive on our ability to protect unstructured data, consider your questions answered! Register for one or several Demo Days by clicking the links below.

Attendees who book a 1:1 follow up will receive a "Summer Swag Kit" with everything you need to enjoy a beach day, picnic, or road trip. Rubrik tackles data security in the cloud, so you can enjoy “Summer Vibes as a Service” all year round. 

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summer swag kit

webinar | On Demand Video

Deep Dive: Protecting Microsoft 365 with Rubrik Security Cloud

Do you rely on Microsoft tools to recover your data from OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, or Exchange Online? While Microsoft provides retention policies, versioning, and a recycle bin, the reality is these tools can be used against you.

webinar | On Demand Video

Ransomware monitoring and sensitive data discovery on Azure VMs

Identifying malware lurking in your Azure environment can be challenging. Rubrik Threat Monitoring accelerates investigations and reduces the risk of malware reinfection during recovery by automatically analyzing backup snapshots

webinar | On Demand Video

Taming and Securing Unstructured Data with Rubrik and AWS

Unstructured data often represents 80% of an organization’s overall data and includes everything from word documents and video files to x-ray images and IoT device data.

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Rubrik for Microsoft 101

With Rubrik, you can protect, investigate, and recover mission-critical hybrid, Microsoft Azure, multi-cloud, and SaaS data from cyber threats and operational failures with ease.

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Unstructured Data Protection on Azure

Many organizations keep some of their most critical data sets on unstructured NAS storage platforms. Traditionally, these platforms are protected using an array-to-array snapshot replication strategy between two sites.

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AI-Powered Cyber Recovery with Rubrik & Microsoft Sentinel

Rubrik’s integration with Microsoft Sentinel provides time series data insights, enabling organizations to address evolving cyber threats and safeguard their most sensitive data on Azure.

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Combatting Double Extortion Ransomware with Rubrik & Zscaler

Rubrik and Zscaler deliver a zero trust data security solution that secures sensitive data across data center, cloud, and SaaS environments and prevents exfiltration with effective remediation workflows.

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Rubrik for AWS 101

Recover mission-critical data across AWS, multi-cloud, and SaaS environments with the protection, investigation, and remediation of Rubrik Security Cloud.