PALO ALTO, Calif., September 12, 2018 – Rubrik, the Cloud Data Management Company, today announced Rubrik Datos IO 3.0, the latest release of its data protection platform for the world’s most popular NoSQL databases. Today’s leading enterprises increasingly rely on born-in-the-cloud applications to run their businesses and serve their customers. Datos IO 3.0 delivers enterprise-grade backup and recovery to this new genre of massive cloud-based NoSQL applications via fast performance, scalability across hundreds of nodes and multiple clouds, and consumer-like simplicity.

NoSQL databases have become mainstream, requiring enterprises to rely on MongoDB and Cassandra / DataStax to power some of their most prominent customer-facing applications. IDC has described this transition as an “ongoing evolution”1 for NoSQL databases as enterprise use cases require scale and new capabilities. This underscores the need for proven, scalable data protection purpose-built to serve NoSQL workloads.

“The market has spoken, and NoSQL databases now power the fastest-growing, mission-critical applications in the enterprise,” said Tarun Thakur, General Manager, Rubrik Datos IO. “With Rubrik Datos IO 3.0, we are re-affirming our leadership in addressing the data management challenges for NoSQL databases. Our engineering team has built Datos IO 3.0 to address the data protection uses cases for the world’s most popular NoSQL databases running at massive scale, answering the call for effective data protection for enterprise production applications.”

Enterprise-grade features built for NoSQL scale
DevOps and database administration teams understand the effort required to manage and protect growing, large-scale distributed systems. Datos IO 3.0 introduces significant updates designed for those enterprise admins, including ultralight NoSQL Service Managers, streaming recovery for fast RTOs, express recovery for full disaster recovery scenarios, and database-level recovery for both MongoDB and Cassandra. The result is a simplified and powerful user experience, from installation to recovery, built to scale with the growing demand of enterprise NoSQL application environments.

“With global brands like Samsung, Adobe, Avast and Lenovo relying on our PaaS ecommerce platform, we can’t risk any application downtime,” said SP Naidu, Director, Data Technologies Engineering, Digital River. “With Rubrik Datos IO, we’re confident that if any of our applications built on Cassandra databases are corrupted, we’ll be able to recover from data loss using Datos IO’s point-in-time recovery capabilities. We’ve also truly enjoyed working with the Rubrik Datos IO team; their product roadmap, willingness to partner and collaborate with us makes them stand out.”

Designed for growing MongoDB workloads
Rubrik Datos IO offers the most mature, purpose-built data protection for MongoDB, the most popular database for next-gen business applications, delivering enterprise-grade backup and recovery performance for instances of all sizes and schemas. Datos IO 3.0 introduces a new, multi-node scale-out architecture, the ability to seamlessly recover to and from changing database cluster topologies, and performance improvements for MongoDB backup and recovery, particularly those with high-change rate and sharded clusters spread across dozens or hundreds of nodes.

“We have been using Rubrik Datos IO to protect our critical customer-facing cloud-native applications deployed on MongoDB databases on Amazon Web Services (AWS),” said Brian Deitte, Director of Engineering, Maxwell Health. “Rubrik Datos IO helps us protect our MongoDB databases against logical errors, realize important test/dev use cases critical for our application and developer teams, and achieve significant cloud storage cost savings. Most importantly, the Datos IO team listens, taking our feedback and quickly turning it into features in production releases—this includes the upcoming AMI capability in Datos IO 3.0 that will help us automate end-to-end application to database to data management workflows.”

Ideal for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies
Just as enterprises are standardizing new development on the most popular NoSQL databases, they increasingly view the hybrid cloud model as their standard for infrastructure. Datos IO 3.0 offers enterprises the option to run in Azure or back up to Azure, completing support for the three largest public cloud providers (AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud) along with support for Oracle Cloud. This empowers IT teams to orchestrate and move data across the data center and between multiple clouds. To help enable companies pursuing digital transformation efforts built on container-based architectures, Datos IO 3.0 also introduces the ability to manage and protect NoSQL databases deployed as Docker containers.

“Cloud storage and NoSQL databases represent the future for enterprise IT, and we are excited to help Microsoft and Rubrik customers realize that future,” said Tad Brockway, Head of Product, Microsoft Azure Storage. “We believe Microsoft Azure Storage is the ideal environment for organizations looking to protect NoSQL data using Rubrik Datos IO.”

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About Rubrik
Rubrik delivers a single platform to manage and protect data in the cloud, at the edge, and on-premises. Enterprises choose Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management software to simplify backup and recovery, accelerate cloud adoption, and enable automation at scale. Rubrik’s run-anywhere, scale-out architecture is built to empower IT departments today and in the future, reducing total cost of ownership while enabling infrastructure flexibility for a multi-cloud world. For more information, visit and follow @rubrikInc on Twitter.

1 – IDC TechScape: The Evolving Role of NoSQL and Big Data Technologies, Doc # US42080017