PALO ALTO, Calif., July 25, 2018 – Rubrik, the Cloud Data Management company, today announced the general availability of Rubrik Polaris Radar, the latest data management application built on the Rubrik Polaris SaaS platform. Rubrik Polaris Radar leverages machine learning to model threat behavior, accelerating how enterprises mitigate data security incidents. In the event of an attack, such as ransomware, enterprises can now minimize business disruption and data loss by recovering in just a few clicks across their entire environment.

Ransomware attacks are intensifying in scale and sophistication, and the perpetrators are better at evading countermeasures. A recent NTT Security survey revealed that ransomware attacks rose 350 percent in 2017 over the previous year.¹ According to a survey conducted by endpoint protection provider Barkly, 71 percent of organizations were infected by ransomware after it successfully bypassed their prevention controls.² Enterprises must act quickly to contain the risks posed by ransomware in order to minimize cost, recovery time, and reputational damage. A holistic ransomware response strategy integrates accelerated detection and recovery alongside prevention measures, ensuring strong resiliency in the face of cyber threats.

Radar: Intelligent Data Analysis and Accelerated Recovery

Earlier this year, Rubrik launched Rubrik Polaris, the industry’s first SaaS platform with a unified system of record across all business information. Radar, the latest data management application built on Rubrik Polaris, empowers enterprises to respond faster to security attacks by delivering deep intelligence on how an attack impacted their business-critical application data. Radar’s multi-leveled defense includes:

  • Monitoring – detect anomalies via machine learning models: Radar leverages machine learning algorithms to understand how users behave and data evolves over time. By actively monitoring global metadata, Radar generates alerts for anomalies and suspicious behavior, such as ransomware.
  • Analysis – quickly diagnose threat impact with data intelligence: Radar continuously analyzes the entire environment to map change activity over time. Enterprises can now quickly identify which applications and data were impacted and where they are located to help visualize the attack’s impact on the system.
  • Recovery– minimize business disruption and data loss with simplified recovery: Radar automates manual recovery processes with intelligent workflows. Users simply select all impacted applications and files and can restore to the most recent clean state with just a few clicks. Radar builds upon Rubrik’s core platform, which provides immutable backups and government-certified encryption to safeguard all data against any attack.

“In today’s digital era, the magnitude of security attacks, such as ransomware, is greatly expanding. To fortify their defense, enterprises must unify prevention measures with strong recovery,” said Rubrik Co-Founder and Chief Architect, Soham Mazumdar. “Radar drives the speed and intelligence necessary to quickly assess the attack’s impact and minimize the crippling effects of downtime and data loss.”

Empowering IT and Enabling SecDevOps with an API-driven Ecosystem

Radar empowers enterprises to establish a single crisis management team across the entire organization, unifying information security, infrastructure and operations, and business continuity management teams for greater visibility and control. Rubrik and other third-party developers will leverage Rubrik's Polaris open APIs to integrate Radar into existing monitoring dashboards, security operations workflows, and prevention products.

Comments on the News
“When we were hit by ransomware a few years ago, we leveraged Rubrik’s fast recovery and APIs to recover in under an hour with zero data loss. Today, ransomware is much more sophisticated than it was a few years ago. With Radar, we could leverage its data intelligence to alert us on suspicious behavior and better understand what was impacted at a granular level.” – Matthew Day, CIO, Langs Building Supplies

“As a legal institution, the safety of our organization’s data is always top of mind. That is why I am excited about the release of Rubrik’s Radar application that can augment our security stack while providing faster and simpler recovery workflows. Rubrik continues to integrate security with data protection, ensuring that all our backed up data is safeguarded from an attack.” – David Comer, Senior Network Engineer, Pillsbury Law

¹ Source: NTT Security. “NTT Security 2018 Global Intelligence Report.”  May 2018.
² Source: Barkly Inc. “Must-Know Ransomware Statistics 2017.” Jonathan Crowe, June 2017.

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