• Latest release advances capabilities to further fuel strong enterprise and government demand for Rubrik’s award-winning solution:

    • Pioneers blazingly fast VMware performance with 5x increase in protecting monster VMs and 3x increase in recovery times

    • Advances control for Oracle DBAs and accelerated development cycles

    • Enhances security and compliance, including advanced role-based access control and retention capabilities, to support enterprise legal and regulatory requirements

  • Increasing cyberattacks and data privacy regulations are driving the adoption of Polaris SaaS applications built to manage enterprise risk (Radar, Sonar)

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 28, 2020 – Rubrik, the Multi-Cloud Data Control™ Company, today announced the Andes 5.2 release of its market-leading Cloud Data Management solution that manages, governs, and orchestrates data across data centers and clouds. Andes 5.2 delivers blazingly fast VMware performance, improved control for Oracle DBAs, and additional enterprise advancements to address compliance within highly regulated industries. With Andes 5.2, enterprises can increase business resiliency, accelerate development cycles with faster database cloning, and recapture administrative time by eliminating complexity. 

"Today, enterprise IT is struggling to manage the surge of data with the influx of tools and overall increased cost and complexity of legacy systems. Organizations need to be able to quickly respond and ensure continuity for increasingly complex environments," said Dan Rogers, President at Rubrik. "With Andes 5.2, we are introducing a significant performance boost for organizations that rely on monster VMware VMs. DBAs will also have access to new tooling that will make it easier to do their jobs, with more control to quickly deliver clones when needed.”

Blazingly Fast VMware Performance

Rubrik Andes 5.2 introduces multi-node data streaming for VMware vSphere to achieve up to 5x backup speed performance improvement for large multi-terabyte VMs. The new release also delivers up to 3x recovery speed boost enabling aggressive RTOs and RPOs for growing VMware requirements. With resiliency to network glitches, Andes 5.2 assures VMware backups and recoveries are completed faster than ever. IT organizations can now respond quickly to restore requests with Rubrik’s predictive search and the ability to restore files to any VM. 

“In the games industry, we create a lot of data and we need to move very fast – there’s no time to stop for backup,” said Ben Hopkinson, CTO of Splash Damage Ltd. a UK-based video game studio and co-developers of Gears Tactics and Gears 5. “Traditional solutions just couldn’t keep up with our change rates. Rubrik modernized our backup and delivers the performance we need to support continuous development on massive VMware VMs. Rubrik Live Mount has been a game-changer for us as well – we’ve reduced a painful recovery process that used to take hours down to just minutes.”

More Power for Oracle DBAs

With improved flexibility and control for Oracle DBAs, Andes 5.2 accelerates development cycle times by quickly creating test/dev clones. With roll-forward recovery, Oracle DBAs can now automatically restore a damaged database to the most recent state by automatically applying archive logs on the Oracle host. Rubrik offers a comprehensive, modern Oracle enterprise protection solution for any Oracle environment, including full support for Oracle Database Appliance, Oracle Exadata, Oracle 12cR2, 18c, and 19c, Oracle RAC One Node, Oracle RAC, and Oracle Direct NFS.

“We chose Rubrik for its automated management of Oracle databases and its ability to greatly reduce our RTOs,” said Ed Poll, Head of IT Infrastructure at Cranfield University. “With Rubrik, our DBAs have been able to eliminate tedious backup and copy data tasks, and now spend more of their time on key projects rather than day-to-day management of backups. On top of that, Live Mount has provided us with much faster database clones that have really allowed us to keep pace with the needs of our business." 

Advanced Security, Compliance, and Resilience

Andes 5.2 provides enhanced role-based access to the administration console, allowing organizations to set permissions to fit their exact needs. A new set of pre-defined roles improves compliance and saves administrative time by allowing organizations to quickly grant access without risk of exposing archived data or backup policies. Andes 5.2 offers new retention capabilities for IT organizations to quickly respond to legal and compliance requirements, allowing them to place snapshots on indefinite hold and avoiding retention changes to existing snapshots once an SLA is edited. Rubrik expands its resiliency with support for multiple replication targets and ability to quickly identify objects that fall out of compliance to their prescribed SLA policies.

Strong Enterprise and Government Momentum

Andes 5.2 further fuels strong enterprise and government demand; in February, Rubrik announced an annualized gross bookings run rate of $600 million driven by strong traction in the enterprise market. Nearly half of bookings came from customers who have spent $1 million or more to date. Fortune 100 enterprises choose Rubrik to drive data center modernization with self-service delivery, cloud mobility, and cyber-resiliency, including:

  • 3 of the 4 Fortune 100 Telecom Companies; 

  • 2 of the 4 Fortune 100 Defense and Aerospace Companies;

  • 2 of the 3 Fortune 100 Specialty Retailers; and

  • 4 of the 5 Fortune 100 Insurance Companies.

“As today’s enterprises struggle to manage data growth and fulfill cloud-first mandates, Rubrik is uniquely positioned with their radically simplified backup and recovery solution that delivers API-driven automation and self-service, cloud mobility, and cyber-resiliency, said Luke Foster, VP Product Management, Cloud Infrastructure Services at NTT Ltd. “Rubrik is gaining a tremendous amount of momentum in the Fortune 100.”

Increasing Adoption of Polaris SaaS Applications for Enterprise Risk Management

As cyberattacks and data privacy regulations increase, Rubrik is seeing increased adoption of its Polaris SaaS applications built for risk management. Customers are adopting Polaris Radar to strengthen their ransomware response strategy by understanding the scope of attack, identifying impacted applications and files, and automating file-level recovery. Radar builds upon Rubrik’s unique immutable architecture that prevents backups from being consumed by ransomware. Rubrik recently announced that it is offering customers free access to Radar through July 10, 2020.

Customers are also adopting Polaris Sonar to mitigate the risk of data privacy breaches and compliance penalties. Sonar leverages a customer’s existing Rubrik Cloud Data Management deployment to discover sensitive data, such as certain types of personally identifiable information (PII). This allows enterprises to achieve rapid time-to-value without additional infrastructure and without impacting production environments. The City of Sioux Falls drove over 90% operational savings by using Sonar to automate processes that previously required third-party auditors and multiple full-time engineers.

A number of select customers are currently using Andes 5.2 in beta, with general availability expected to launch in May.  

To learn more about Rubrik Andes 5.2 and how to unlock the power of your data, please join Rubrik at FORWARD Digital Summit on Monday, May 11. A fully virtual event, FORWARD Digital Summit will feature thought-provoking keynotes, innovation announcements, product demos, breakout sessions with industry experts, and special appearances by Hasan Minhaj, Creator and Host of Netflix’s The Patriot Act, and John Thompson, Microsoft Chairman. To register, please visit forward.rubrik.com


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