• Strong enterprise demand for Rubrik’s award-winning Cloud Data Management products including ransomware recovery, hybrid multi-cloud, and automation solutions; 
  • Company ends fiscal year with an annualized gross bookings run rate of $600 million driven by strong traction in the enterprise market; with nearly half of bookings from customers who have spent $1 million or more to date; and
  • Market leadership and rapid innovation continues with the introduction of new solutions across continuous data protection, data classification, database automation, and cloud-native backup.

PALO ALTO, CA, February 13, 2020 – Rubrik, the Multi-Cloud Data Control™ company, today announced highlights of its most recent fiscal year ended, January 31, 2020. Over 2,500 enterprises and governments around the globe now rely upon the Rubrik’s market-leading Cloud Data Management solution that manages, governs, and orchestrates data across data centers and clouds. Rubrik eliminates the plethora of disparate tools and disjointed processes required to address IT resilience, hybrid multi-cloud, automation, and cyber-resilience. 

“Through fiscal year 2020, we delivered new capabilities to address the priorities of enterprise customers worldwide who are moving to cloud, driving digital transformation, and responding to new cyber threats,” says Rubrik Co-Founder and CEO Bipul Sinha. “We are pleased that a number of leading Fortune 100 businesses are seeing success with Rubrik.”

Leading Global Enterprises Depend on Rubrik

A growing number of leading enterprises and governments choose Rubrik to manage, govern, and orchestrate their data across hybrid multi-clouds. Among these customers are: 

  • 3 of 4 Fortune 100 Telecom Companies;

  • 2 of 4 Fortune 100 Defense and Aerospace Companies; 

  • 2 of 3 Fortune 100 Specialty Retailers; and 

  • 4 of 5 Fortune 100 Insurance Companies.

For customers, Rubrik delivers measurable benefits such as improved business resilience, increased IT agility, cost savings, and accelerated recovery from modern cyber threats such as ransomware. 

  • Meredith Corporation Achieves Digital Transformation Goals with Rubrik and AWS: One of America’s largest media companies and home of leading brands including PEOPLE, InStyle, and Allrecipes, Meredith Corporation uses Rubrik to securely tier data to AWS, while providing instant data accessibility to publication editors, producers, and designers. Meredith also leverages Rubrik to simplify data protection of its AWS EC2 environment and provide full data visibility and control of its hybrid cloud to avoid costly downtime, assist with meeting stringent compliance regulations, and ultimately protect the company’s bottom line.

“In the media industry, downtime could mean a magazine edition doesn’t go to print on time or a TV segment doesn’t run. From a business perspective, we see the benefits of adopting cloud as endless. Eliminating tape, embracing Rubrik, and migrating to the cloud was a bold decision, but also the right one for Meredith.” - David Coffman, Director of Enterprise Infrastructure.

Growing Ransomware Threat Driving Strong Demand

As the frequency of successful ransomware attacks such as WannaCry, NotPetya, and others, continues to grow, governments and enterprises increasingly seek reliable recovery solutions. 

Rubrik for Ransomware, an integrated part of Rubrik Cloud Data Management, delivers instant recovery with the Industry's only natively-immutable backups. When paired with Rubrik’s global search and API-driven automation, customers can quickly recover complete data centers after a ransomware attack. 

Polaris Radar, Rubrik’s SaaS product for ransomware, adds ML-powered detection and pinpointing of ransomware attacks for faster and more accurate remediations, which in turn reduces business disruption.

  • Kern Medical Center Recovers From Ransomware with Rubrik: As ransomware becomes increasingly sophisticated, successful attacks are more prevalent. To respond quickly, leading companies like Kern Medical Center are adopting a holistic ransomware response strategy.

“We were hit with a ransomware attack in June that infiltrated our environment and began encrypting data, rendering it unusable. The attack was discovered after an hour when users reported they couldn’t access their systems. Rubrik helped us quickly recover 100% of the systems it was protecting. After the incident, we were so impressed that we moved more of our legacy systems to Rubrik and are fully confident that Rubrik’s immutable backups will protect us from future incidents.” - Craig Witmer, CTO.

Rapid Innovation

In FY2020, Rubrik continued the rapid pace of innovation with the launch of Rubrik Andes 5.0 and 5.1, and Polaris SaaS-based applications Rubrik Sonar and Rubrik for O365. 

Rubrik Andes addresses the specific needs of large enterprises with benefits such as: 

  • VMware certified Continuous Data Protection solution for near-zero RPO;

  • Data Classification for Data Compliance and Governance;

  • Database backup/recovery and cloning automation;

  • SaaS driven Cloud-Native Application backup & recovery; and

  • Unprecedented performance for very large NAS environments, and integration with NetApp SnapDiff.

With new Polaris SaaS-based applications, Rubrik enables enterprises to centrally manage their cloud or on-premises data and to utilize their data in innovative, new ways. Polaris SaaS applications introduced in FY2020 include: Polaris O365 ProtectionPolaris AppFlows for DR Orchestration across clouds, and Polaris Sonar for integrated identification and reporting of sensitive or regulated data.

Enhancing the Customer Experience 

To better address the requirements of enterprise customers, Rubrik introduced new consumption models that delivered flexibility and reduced risk through subscription-based licensing, software-only licensing, and license transferability to Cloud. Customer demand for new subscription offerings introduced in FY2020 has grown rapidly, with subscriptions accounting for nearly half of bookings by year-end.

Rubrik also continued to invest in its award-winning customer experience, achieving an industry-leading, third party certified NetPromoter Score (NPS) of 82. In addition, the company also introduced named support and professional services for the enterprise market.

New Leaders and Global Expansion

Rubrik hired several veteran industry leaders across Product, Engineering, and Sales in the fiscal year. Vinod Marur joined Rubrik as SVP of Global Engineering; Chendong Zou joined as VP of Engineering, and Thomas Cornely joined as VP of Products. The Company also on-boarded Brett Shirk and Wendy Bahr as Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Commercial Officer, respectively. 

Rubrik increased its commitment in the EMEA and APJ markets, recruiting new senior leadership and opening offices in Singapore and Tokyo. The company also segmented the US sales organization into Commercial, Enterprise, and Public Sector teams under new leaders to better serve its broad array of customers, and opened a new office in Reston, Virginia. 


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[CUSTOMER SUCCESS] Kern Medical defends against ransomware and migrates to Azure with Rubrik.

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About Rubrik

Rubrik, the Multi-Cloud Data Control™ Company, enables enterprises to maximize value from data that is increasingly fragmented across data centers and clouds. Rubrik delivers a single, policy-driven platform for data recovery, governance, compliance, and cloud mobility. For more information, visit and follow @rubrikInc on Twitter. 

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