About FORWARD Digital Summit:

  • Premier virtual summit of cloud data management professionals featuring customers such as Allstate, Home Depot, Analog Devices, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman 

  • Rubrik shows how Data-Forward Enterprises are leveraging the Rubrik Polaris Data Management Platform to:

    • Simplify application availability through Rubrik’s game-changing approach to automating backup and recovery

    • Recover quickly from ransomware attacks with Rubrik Polaris Radar for anomaly detection 

    • Extend Enterprise Risk Protection through the data discovery and classification engine of Rubrik Polaris Sonar

  • Breakthrough cloud innovations announced at FORWARD, including Rubrik Polaris Google Cloud Platform Protection, Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) Protection, and Microsoft 365 OneDrive Protection

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 11, 2020 – Rubrik, the Cloud Data Management Company, today welcomed over 7,500 registered attendees from 81 countries to the premier virtual summit of cloud data management professionals: Rubrik FORWARD Digital Summit. The summit features Bipul Sinha, Rubrik CEO and co-founder, John Thompson, Microsoft Chairman, and Hasan Minhaj, creator and host of Netflix's The Patriot Act, as keynotes. It offers more than 25 breakout sessions and fireside chats with customers from Allstate, Home Depot, Analog Devices, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, University of the Pacific, Canterbury Christ Church University, University of Reading, and City of Sioux Falls and industry leaders from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, NetApp, and VMware.

“Data is eating the world. Every industry and organization is facing an explosive growth of data. Rubrik helps organizations leverage their backup data to address some of today’s biggest business challenges, such as responding to cyberattacks and staying ahead of data privacy regulations. These organizations will outpace the competition in the World of the Data-Forward Enterprise,” said Bipul Sinha, CEO, and co-founder at Rubrik.

Explosive data growth from device proliferation increased software usage, and cloud adoption is forcing organizations to reevaluate their data strategy so they can effectively manage enterprise risk and use data as a strategic differentiator. According to IDC, 45.7% of organizations today derive less than half of the potential value from their data due to data management deficiencies. IDC research indicates that organizations with formal processes for using data as a competitive advantage have eight times the growth rate and double the profitability when compared with organizations in their industries that do not.* 

To transform organizations into Data-Forward Enterprises, Rubrik delivers the Rubrik Polaris Data Management Platform to simplify application availability, recover quickly from ransomware, and manage sensitive data risk. “We designed our Rubrik Polaris Data Management platform to be app aware, cloud-ready, immutable, and API-first in order to help our customers provide 24/7 availability across data silos, exploit cloud for infinite scale and elasticity, recover from increasing security threats and deliver self-service,” said Arvind Nithrakashyap, CTO and co-founder at Rubrik.

During FORWARD Digital Summit, Rubrik is announcing significant advances to its Rubrik Polaris Data Management Platform, including: 

Rubrik Polaris Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Protection 

Rubrik introduces enterprise-grade data protection of Google Compute Virtual Machines (VMs), delivering the same radically simplified approach used to protect AWS and Azure workloads. Rubrik Polaris GCP Protection is delivered as a service, eliminating the need for additional infrastructure, deployment complexity, and ongoing maintenance. Policy creation can be painlessly scaled across hundreds of GCP projects and regions, making it easy to automate data lifecycle management while eliminating routine backup tasks. Rubrik empowers organizations to meet the most aggressive recovery objectives, even in the cloud, by delivering recoveries within minutes. 

“Rubrik’s native protection for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) will modernize the protection of our cloud-native applications, extending the same simplicity of our on-prem environment into the cloud,” said Frederic Lhoest, Senior Technology Architect at PCCW Global. "By employing the same SLA policies to automate data protection across our hybrid cloud, we will no longer have to dedicate time to manage our backups. Rubrik's solution will increase our operational efficiency and allow us to focus on what matters the most - our customers."  

Rubrik Polaris Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) Protection 

Rubrik extends its backup and recovery of Amazon Web Services to support Amazon Relational Database Service, ensuring application availability for all instance types and across availability zones. Customers can get running in minutes by using a simple, 2-click setup, and automate protection of the Amazon Relational Database Service instance and transaction logs through Rubrik’s hallmark SLA policy engine and execute point-in-time recoveries in minutes. 

"Having a single solution to seamlessly manage data access across all our cloud services is essential,” says Dave Hailwood, Senior Systems Engineer at Canterbury Christ Church University. “We’re delighted that Rubrik will be extending their automated protection to Amazon RDS, the backbone of our core Student Record system which is critical to the operation of the university. Our current legacy solution offers limited visibility into our environment and recovery is uncertain and time-consuming. Knowing that we will be able to restore our RDS database instances to a single point in time to minimize data loss and ensure uninterrupted data access with Rubrik will give us peace of mind.”

Rubrik Polaris Microsoft 365 OneDrive Protection

Rubrik expands its existing support for Microsoft 365 applications to protect OneDrive, delivering simple, secure file and folder recovery. Customers can get started quickly with a SaaS application that is easy to deploy, manage, and scale. With granular recovery options to restore entire folders or a single file, organizations can gain uninterrupted access to their information assets and minimize data loss. By using Rubrik Polaris Microsoft 365, customers can comply with enterprise data control requirements as their data remains within their accounts. 

“As a leader in the construction industry, our field employees rely on portable tablets to stay connected and manage projects,” said James Cuneo, Senior Systems Engineer at BMD Group. “Those tablets can be lost, stolen, and are subject to wear and tear, so it’s critical that data is easily recoverable. Rubrik’s protection for Microsoft OneDrive will offer us peace of mind; we’ll know that our data is safe, secure, and easily accessible in the event of data loss. Rubrik's approach to Microsoft OneDrive will be a game-changer; it will amplify our data leverage and safeguard our data so that it never leaves our cloud account. This will be critical to uphold compliance and will make file-level search and recovery a breeze.”

Rapid Cloud Innovation

These innovations extend Rubrik’s market leadership in cloud data management, building on an extensive portfolio of cloud capabilities that provide best-in-class economics, ease of use, compliance, and security. In the past year, Rubrik has delivered: 

  • Cloud archive consolidation that drives incremental cloud savings; 

  • Azure Smart Tiering, a sophisticated data lifecycle management process that moves snapshots to the lowest cost storage tier while minimizing egress costs;

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Microsoft Azure Protection to simplify backup and recovery and unify management of multi- and hybrid-cloud environments.

“With the innovations we announced at FORWARD, Rubrik has taken another leap in maximizing value for our customers. We changed the game in backup and recovery with our automated SLA engine, near-instant recovery, and converged software fabric. Now, we’re extending that to dramatically simplify management of popular workloads on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure,” said Dan Rogers, President at Rubrik. 

Rubrik continues to provide business-critical solutions to drive the Data-Forward Enterprise forward. The company’s unique approach to data management and innovation has struck a chord with the market, fueling its $600M run-rate in the last year, delivering solutions to more than 2500 customers globally, and obtaining an industry-leading NPS score of 82. 

For further information on Rubrik FORWARD, visit forward.rubrik.com.

Early Access Program

Rubrik Polaris Google Cloud Platform Protection, Rubrik Polaris Amazon Relational Database Service Protection, and Rubrik Polaris Microsoft 365 OneDrive Protection are currently available in Early Access. For more information, contact your Rubrik sales representative.

*IDC White Paper, sponsored by Rubrik, Multicloud Data Control: Creating Better Business Outcomes, Forthcoming May 2020

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