BOLOGNA, Italy, Apil 13, 2020 - Rubrik, the Multi-Cloud Data Control™ company, has been chosen by Toyota Material Handling Manufacturing Italy (TMHMI) in order to enhance its data management and restore capabilities.

Toyota Material Handling Manufacturing Italy (TMHMI) is the Italian factory of Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE). TMHE is the European regional organization of Toyota Material Handling Group (TMHG) which is part of Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO). TMHE is active in more than 30 countries across Europe under the brands Toyota, BT, and Cesab, supporting TMHE’s 5,000 service engineers and over 10,800 employees.

Prior to Rubrik, TMHMI’s legacy disk-based solution was complex and difficult to use. The team was dealing with lengthy recovery times from tape. From a business continuity standpoint, this was worrisome since they couldn’t guarantee the RTOs, which meant that the production line could potentially be impacted. On top of that, the previous solution was no longer adequate to keep up with the pace of the business and hindered the company from being agile.

The main goal was to eliminate tape and reduce complexity, the company needed a modern, scalable data management solution that would enable TMHMI to be nimble as the market evolves.

Patrick Malservisi, TMHE Supply IS/IT Director, leads TMHMI’s 12-person IT team. “As a manufacturing company, any downtime is catastrophic. If we’re down for even a day, it could potentially cost us millions of euros of revenue. In that sense, IT is a critical enabler of the business–if we can’t meet our SLAs, then the manufacturing process could come to a halt,” said Malservisi.

“The ability to recover data quickly is critical to the success of our business. Since bringing in Rubrik, restores that used to take hours are performed within minutes. Rubrik inspires confidence that we can restore reliably, ensuring that we maintain business continuity,” said Malservisi. “The team can now use the time gained from no longer having to manage backups for strategic, value-add activities.”

Additional benefits include:

  ●  90%+ faster restores: “Restores used to take hours up to a day with tape. We can now perform restores in five minutes with Rubrik.”

  ●  Significant time savings: With Rubrik, we no longer need to dedicate a lot of time to managing backups. The simplicity of the solution, both in terms of configuration and management, allows my team to dedicate time to other cybersecurity and digitization projects that enable the business.”

  ●  Plug-and-play: “We were blown away by Rubrik’s ease of installation–it really is as simple as plug-and-play. The intuitive UI also requires minimal training, so anyone on the team can use it.”

  ● Infinite scalability: “With Rubrik, scalability is no longer an issue. Rubrik’s scale-out architecture means that growth is simple and cost-effective. We no longer worry about costs incurred when scaling with multiple point solutions.”

  ● 80% reduction in data center footprint: “With Rubrik, we’ve reduced our data center footprint from 10U to 2U, saving on cooling and power costs.”


About Rubrik

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